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June 16th, 2009

With all of the rumors flying about new iPhone technologies, I decided to try my hardest to dilute the impact of these rumors by introducing my very own rumors on Twitter.  My rumors, however, will have absolutely no factual basis, and will most likely never come to fruition.  Why not join me?  Have some fun creating rumors and frustrating fanboys!  Start your rumor with the #iPhoneRumors tag, followed by whatever drivel your mind comes up with!

-Because I said so

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There’s a New Gosselin in town…. Doppleganger!

June 16th, 2009

Last night, Chris and I went to go run some errands. Our first stop was PetSmart to get more litter for Moogle, and some food for Donnie. We walked around the store for about 20 minutes and then proceeded to the check out counter. While Chris was unloading the items onto the conveyor belt, I gasped in horror.

What could have made me go two shades whiter than I already am?

I give you Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B:

Some of you might not recognize the hairstyle abomination that is on top of that womans head, but it is the same crap that the bitch, AKA Kate Gosselin, sports on her noggin.

I remember reading a few weeks back an article on a gossip site where Kate was quoted saying that everybody wants her hair but not everyone can pull it off.


It’s a reverse mullet in the year 2009. Didn’t we leave the shitty hairstyles back in like 1989? Apparently not.

While I damaged my sight permanently by gazing upon this creature, I remembered that I owned an iPhone. I also remembered that it takes pretty decent images. I then also remebered how a certain writer for our local newspaper, the Fresno Bee, hates Kate in every way possible. That man is none other than Mike Oz (@mikeoz on Twitter).

His love hate of Kate makes me giggle. So I dedicate this blog to him.

After making it disgustingly obvious to our cashier and those behind me that I was taking pictures of this woman, we went to Smart and Final to pick up a few things. Sadly, Doppleganger Gosselin was spotted there as well.

Chris told me to take some more pictures of her since they would’ve been at a closer range, but I told him no because my iPhone would probably break. He laughed, but I knew deep down that I was correct. That hairdo atrocity is not worth me having a broken iPhone.

So… I hope you enjoyed our horror story, and remember - friends don’t let friends get the “Kate” hairstyle.

Spread the word my darlings.

- She Who Has The Last Word

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