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Great Moogly Googly!

June 15th, 2009

For awhile now,  Chris and I have been talking about getting a cat. We both grew up having cats and dogs as pets, so having a kitten around would be great.

About a week and a half ago, we met up with some friends at Sonic when they were having their Free Root Beer Float night. One of the guys who met up with us, @DanielDanger on Twitter, was talking about his two kittens. We had seen pictures and video of them before and thought they were just too cute. Turns out, the person he got them from still had a kitten left. When we found out that the kitten would be free, we immediately said we wanted her but it would take some time due to us moving stuff around in the apartment to accomodate a kitten and other stuff.

On Saturday (two days ago), we went and picked up our little girl and named her Moogle. She is a tabby and tabbies typically have an “M” in their fur on their foreheads so Chris and I started to brainstorm for names that started with “M.” I Googled for popular cat names and came across a site that had a huge list for each letter of the alphabet. While scrolling through the “M” category, I saw Moogle. I am a HUGE Final Fantasy fan and have always loved the Moogles and Mog. I ran it by Chris and he thought it was cute so the name stuck. We seriously picked out a name for the cat before even getting her!

When we picked her up, the people were so nice that they gave us her litter box (that was cleaned out btw), the rest of the litter, the scooper, and her blanket. Chris and I were blown away by the generosity because we were planning on going to PetSmart right afterwards and purchasing that stuff. We did end up going to PetSmart anyways because we had to get her food, some toys, and food/water bowls. We had a lot of fun with her there and she did so well in the car. We got home scratch free!

Upon introducing her to Donnie, Moogle was a little iffy. She would puff up and hiss at Donnie, while Donnie was so excited and wanted to play with her. Later on that evening, with Donnie on my lap, Moogle came up onto the couch, walked up to Donnie, and just smacked him right in the face. Chris and I laughed about it, but Donnie was obviously stunned, and we did our best to tell Moogle (who doesn’t understand a word we say) that what she did was wrong.

That night we slept with Moogle in our bed. I was only woken up once when she got on my night stand, and she purrs so loud! We couldn’t believe it! We were also so thrilled that she knew where her litter box was, because I didn’t want to wake up and see kitty poo all on the carpet. On Sunday, Moogle was getting used to being inside and getting used to being around Donnie. Donnie, however, wanted nothing to do with her. His excitement about having a little buddy quickly changed to him being afraid of her. Whenever she would get on the couch, Donnie would move away and not even look in her direction. He was basically being a stuck up diva.

Today is different. The two of them are getting used to each other, and they even played around a little bit. I know the change will be difficult for Donnie because he has been the baby for so long and he will probably get jealous. It will just take some time. Hopefully he doesn’t become a little brat.

So now… I give you to - Moogle!!!

- She Who Has The Last Word

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