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Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 14

June 5th, 2009

Progress Update 14 starts me off with another postcard from Luigi, claiming to have found another star in an early level!  I remember the area as part of the first time I encountered the Bee Mario mushroom, so I headed over to the Honeyhive Galaxy for an easy star and a ridiculous number of star bits!  I decided at this point to try the Trial Galaxies opened up by the Green Sling Star I had restored.  The first galaxy was the Bubble Blast Galaxy.  This trial required me to collect five star pieces by navigating a bubble through an electric labyrinth.  After the five star pieces were collected, a sling star appeared, which launched me to an electric obstacle course filled with floating mines and Bullet Bills.  At the end of this course was my first trial star!  A second trial awaited, however, in the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy, which is where I headed next.  This trial required me to roll a giant hamster ball containing my star over a very narrow, windy, and moving course!  This was difficult, as controlling the ball requires a great deal of patience, finesse, and skill.  Eventually, however, I got the ball to the end, it broke open, and the star was mine!  One last trial remained, and I traveled to the  Loopdeeswoop Galaxy to conquer it.  This star required me to Ray Surf to the finish line in under three minutes.  If I thought controlling the hamster ball was difficult, I had forgotten about the Ray.  The Ray was extremely frustrating because of the random waves that would throw you off course.  Normally, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, however, the course was very narrow, making even slight course adjustments potentially disastrous.  In the end, however, I managed to get my third trial star, completing the Trial Galaxies!

That’s the end of Progress Update 14.  Come back for Progress Update 15 sometime this weekend!

-Because I said so

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