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Our Sunday Snafu

Our Sunday Snafu

Sunday was a crazy day. We were both exhausted from our Anniversary celebration the night before, and I was even more tired because I went to sleep feeling a little sick and with a migraine. That morning, Chris made us a delicious breakfast and then we found out about that fantastic Blur game deal, so we were off to do that. Afterwards we cleaned in preparation for his family member who would start staying with us on Monday, and had so much to do.

Since the relative would be staying the night, I wanted their bedroom to be perfect. I washed the sheets and comforter, and when those went into the dryer, I put in a load of towels. Now, our washing machine was given to us for free from my Mother right before we moved into the apartment. It’s also the same washing machine that had a fuck load of black widows inside of it. We don’t have an excellent track record with this washer. Sunday was no different.

For some reason, I got up and was going to go somewhere or get something, and when I was up I looked to the living room and hallway, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. All I could say was “Oh my God! Oh my God!” Chris thought Moogle did something, or made a mess on the carpet, and I really wish that’s all it was, but it was so much worse than that.

There was water, about an inch deep, coming from the laundry room. It was inside the entire guest bathroom, it was down the hallway where the bedrooms are all attached, it covered the entire hallway off of the entry, and the entryway tile was completely covered as well. To make matters worse, our front living room carpet was soaked about 3-4 feet in, the coat closet in the hallway was drenched, and the entry to two out of the three bedrooms was sopping wet.

The water just kept coming out of the bottom of the washing machine, not allowing the sensor to detect that it should stop putting water inside of it. The hoses were fine, so it wasn’t that, so odds are, the evil washing machine is toast. Chris saw that our next door neighbors were outside so he had me go immediately and ask if they had a shop vac, so we could quickly get all of the water out and prevent water damage. Fortunately they did, and they had a Rug Doctor too, which helped out immensely with getting the water out of the carpet and pads.

Chris managed to fill the shop vac about 4 times with water, which should give you an idea about how much was there in the hallway and guest bathroom, and I was doing the Rug Doctor for a few hours. To do the living room, it took me over an hour. All in all, we spent well over 3 hours cleaning everything up, and we still had to finish with the rest of the house. By the time we got done with everything, cleaning wise, it was about midnight and we had to wake up Monday morning at 6, with the rest of the day packed.

So, needless to say the only way we can wash anything here in the house is by hand, or by driving all the way across town to go to MIL’s house and use her washer. Since we can’t afford a new washing machine, I can keep my fingers crossed that in 6 days, when it’s my birthday, I am given a nice new shiny one as a present! YAY!

- Me

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