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My Birthday Wish List

With my 28th (I know, I’m so old) birthday coming up in just 5 days, I feel a wish list is in order. If little kids can get away with it, then I have every right to have a list too. The items listed range from highly unlikely to possible, and are placed in no [...]

Life Updates

Since it’s been awhile, I figured it’s only proper to update you all on what has happened these past several months. Actually, I don’t know who I’m kidding since nobody will be reading this, but here it goes anyways…. As of the end of last year, November I believe, Donnie was no longer with us. [...]

Donnie the Spaz

Our dog is a total spaz.  One of our visiting friends was petting him gently, when suddenly the yelping started.  I thought we were past this, but I guess once a spaz, always a spaz. Way to spaz out, spazzy mcspazzerson. -Because I said so

Maintenance Man

Last week we got a note on our door that the maintenance guys would be coming in our apartment for some routine stuff - changing air filters, checking smoke alarms, etc. Basic shit. Well, they never came. On Tuesday or Wednesday we got another notice saying that they were coming on Friday, yesterday, instead. Around [...]

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