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Missing Lightsaber scene from Return of the Jedi released

Two days ago George Lucas announced at Celebration V that Star Wars would be coming to Blu-Ray. Even though Lucas is a complete ass, and seems to hate the fans (Jar Jar Binks, not giving us a remastered Original Trilogy, etc), he tried to make everything seem awesome with the addition of…wait for it…additional footage [...]

Star Wars finally comes to Blu-Ray fall 2011

Big news from the Star Wars Celebration V. George Lucas has announced that the film series that made him a household name is going high def in 2011.

My Birthday Wish List

With my 28th (I know, I’m so old) birthday coming up in just 5 days, I feel a wish list is in order. If little kids can get away with it, then I have every right to have a list too. The items listed range from highly unlikely to possible, and are placed in no [...]

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