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One Love for Chi/Blogathon Fundraiser is on!

** Update - Since writing this post, prizes from Activision, Central Valley Buzz, Mumbo Jumbo Games, and the ECA have arrived. More packages are expected any day now, so check back often!**

Hey there readers! So I know that on July 1st we were supposed to start with our Blogathon fundraiser, but there was an issue with their site and servers. We were told to wait until Monday, and it’s already halfway done, with no mention of starting in sight. So, instead of waiting any longer, let’s do this!

Compared to last year, things are going to be a little different. I’m working like a crazy person to secure some prizes, and a large package is slated to arrive tomorrow around 3 PM PST, so when it does, I will reveal its contents to you all. Just know that it’s fan-frigging-tastic! Between now and the actual Blogathon, I hope to have numerous updates for the prizes, so be on the lookout!

So, if you were with us during the Blogathon last year, you know how it works. Starting on the 31st, we post a new article every 30 minutes starting at 6 AM PST. We will keep the party rolling until the following morning (August 1st) at 6 AM. Why are we doing this? To help raise funds for One Love for Chi! Every single cent that is donated goes towards Chi, with hopes that we can get him one step closer to the medical treatment he deserves. We make nothing by doing this.

Donations can be made right now to the One Love for Chi foundation, and for every dollar you donate, you will receive one entry into our raffle. Obviously the more you donate, the more likely you are to win something. Winners will be chosen by using, ensuring there is no favoritism or rigging of the prizes. So if you win something you really didn’t want, I can’t do anything about that, but you should be glad you won something.

So, here are the rules. Read them carefully:

  1. To donate, go here. Feel free to leave whatever comment you wish, but if you mention us, we certainly won’t mind :)
  2. Follow through with your donation, either using your PayPal account, credit, or debit card. Sadly no checks or cash can be used for this.
  3. When you are given a confirmation for your donation, along with it displaying the amount, take a screenshot. Don’t know how to do that? Read this handy tutorial that will explain everything. It’s seriously easy.
  4. Once you’ve saved that image, attach it in an email it to [email protected] with the subject being “One Love for Chi Donation” along with your name, mailing address, and a way for us to contact you.
  5. Wait patiently for July 31st to see if you’re a winner!

If you’re unable to contribute financially, or if you want to help get the word out in addition to donating, then here are ways to earn entries into the raffle!

  1. Follow our Facebook Fan Page, and you’ll get 1 entry. Email us with a link to your FB profile after you ‘Like’ us, along with the same contact information as if you had made a donation.
  2. Get your friends to ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and for every friend that is added, you’ll both get 1 entry into our raffle. Make sure to tell your friends to email us with the appropriate information, along with a link to their FB profile and yours.
  3. Follow our World of Meh! Twitter account, and you’ll get 1 entry. Email us with a link to your Twitter account after you follow us, along with the same contact information as if you had made a donation.
  4. Get your friends to follow us on Twitter, and for every friend that follows us, you’ll each get 1 entry into our raffle. Make sure to have your friends email us with their info, along with links to their Twitter profile and yours.
  5. Re-Tweet our WoM! Blogathon tweet weekly. 1 entry for each week.
  6. Have a blog? Make a post about what we are doing with the Blogathon and One Love for Chi, linking your readers to this post, and also the One Love for Chi donation page. Email that to us and you’ll get an entry.
  7. Have neither a blog, a Twitter account or a Facebook profile? That’s OK. Share by word of mouth. Get your friends to donate, and for every friend you get to donate, you get 1 entry. Email us with your information and the names of your friends, and when they email us with their proof of donation, have them put your name in there as well. Get 5 friends to donate, that’s 5 entries for you!
  8. and finally, create a YouTube video, that’s a minimum of 1 minute in length, mentioning our site, One Love for Chi, and the Blogathon we are doing, along with links to our site and the donation page. That YouTube video will earn you 5 entries, but you can only create one video. Once it’s uploaded onto YouTube, email us your information along with a link to the video. Allow it to be embedded, and we’ll even feature it on our site!

Now, here are a few disclaimers:

  • Winners must live in the continental U.S. - it costs too much to ship worldwide, and we certainly can’t afford it.
  • If you Photoshop your screenshot images, we will find out, and all entries will be forfeited.
  • If you create multiple fake Facebook or Twitter accounts, all entries will be forfeited.
  • Those who are using Twitter or Facebook for entries must still follow those accounts throughout the entire duration leading up to and during Blogathon.

If we can pull off the concert, proceeds from each ticket will go towards One Love for Chi. More details will be given should that occur.

So I guess that’s it! Donate, spread the word, and let’s raise some money for Chi!


- Me

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5 Responses to “One Love for Chi/Blogathon Fundraiser is on!”

  1. deaf_omega says:

    I will have to see about a video ^_^

    I have friends that would follow, but they would be too lazy to send an email LOL

    Bogus deal with the blogathon site….soooo unprofessional, not cool :(

  2. deaf_omega says:

    oh, and does it count if I am already following you on twitter and FB?

    • lindsey says:

      Haha, sadly those who are already following us can’t partake in the additional entries. Lame, I know, but it’s all about spreading the word.

      It is indeed unfortunate about the Blogathon site itself, but since people were directly donating to the charities in the first place, going around the Blogathon site actually makes the donating easier. If we were going through the Blogathon site, those who would want to donate would have to create an account, and it could deter some people. By having a direct link to donate, and no need to sign up/sign in for anything, it’s a breeze.

      See if your friends will send in the email, because what we have in store will make it worth it :)

      • deaf_omega says:

        now that I have had a chance to sit and read this at home(and not on my droid) it makes alot more sense

        this is way better than last year, you guys put alot of effort into planning this one ^_^

        looks fun, and way to go on the goodies YAY

        • lindsey says:

          Haha, thanks. Yeah last year when we did Blogathon we signed up really late, because that’s when we found out about it. Had no real time to plan anything. Back in May was when I started looking around and giving it some serious consideration, so we had months to come up with a plan and put it in to action.

          While this is better for our readers, it does come with additional pressure and stress as well, so I suppose it all balances out :)

          Glad to see that you’re excited about it!


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