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Wafflepwn Strikes Again!

Posted by lindsey On July - 14 - 2009

If you are a reader of this blog, then you know how much I am loving the Youtube videos by wafflepwn. I’ve already made two blog posts so far about his two first videos, and last night I was told there was a third.

After coming home from watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I immediately went on to Youtube and found out that there was actually more than one new video. *squee*

The third video focuses, again, on his disturbed brother Steven. Apparently he turned the ripe young age of 16, and his parents surprised him with a truck as his gift. Most children would be delighted that their parents sprung for an automobile, but he was given no ordinary truck.

To see his reaction, please watch this video:

The fourth video shows Steven playing what sounds like a bass on the porch. The bass belongs to their father, but the parents aren’t home. After Steve gets riled up, you all can only imagine what happens.

And…. if you were a fan of the original freakout showing Steven’s reaction to his Mother cancelling his World of Warcraft account, then check out this version of it. A talented artist animated the entire video and it’s pretty funny to see his or her take on the entire thing.

I just hope we get more new videos soon!

- She Who Has The Last Word

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