I want my money, bitch!

In an earlier blog posted about a week and a half back my terrible H&R Block story was told. Some of you might remember the ordeal I had to go through just to file my taxes and some of you might not. Basically I went through a bunch of bull just to file simple taxes and got the run around at 2 different locations.

I e-filed my taxes on the 7th and was told that I would get my return, which is a very nice and hefty sum, direct deposited into my checking account in 8-15 days. I was hoping for 8 because I am a very impatient person, especially when it comes to money. The guy who did my taxes told me about the ability to check when I’d get my return on the IRS website so I did - many times. I must have checked that website so much that it was like I had OCD.

Monday the 9th had nothing to report, the 10th had nothing, but then on the 11th I was told that they had just gotten my information and that I should expect my return by the 24th.


By e-filing one would assume that they would get my information immediately and not 4 days later. I realize that they probably didn’t get anything on Sunday, but that still gave the rest of Saturday as well as all day Monday and Tuesday for them to get the ball rolling.

Chris tried telling me that I would probably get paid on a Friday since that was when he got his so I waited patiently until the 13th for a miracle. I logged into my online banking and saw nothing. I then checked on Saturday the 14th hoping that maybe on Valentines Day I would get my money and found nothing.

At that point I was starting to get pretty peeved. I just wanted my damn money! There were things that I needed to do with my money like put down deposits for our wedding so it’s pretty important for me to get this.

Monday rolled around and again I was disappointed. Throughout every single day of this past week I have checked my bank account only to be let down. As each day went by I kept in mind that maybe on the upcoming Friday, the 20th, I would finally get what’s rightfully mine. I even had it all planned out. If I got my money on Friday I would make an appointment to get my hair cut, since I haven’t had one since November of 2007, we would go to Target and get some much needed things for our new apartment, go to Costco for some more things, start paying bills, and then put down wedding deposits.

During Thursday night going into Friday morning I had a dream that I went onto my online banking through my iPhone. In the dream I saw that my deposit hadn’t came in. Normally when I have dreams like that they come true. I’m not trying to say that I’m some psychic or that I can predict the future because that would just be silly, but hey…. it has happened on more than one occasion. When I did eventually wake up the first thing I did was check my bank account. Guess what I saw??


After that I checked my email and saw that around 6:30 in the morning I had gotten a message from H&R saying how my deposit has been sent and that depending on how my bank handles things, it could be an additional 1-5 days. So not cool!

All day yesterday I kept checking my bank account thinking that maybe at some random time the funds would come through. Hell, I’ve even checked today 3 times and I still want my goddamn money!

So needless to say, my plans for today are going to have to be put on hold. We aren’t going anywhere today but at least we have our Wii to keep us company. I will try my best to be patient because it is the IRS and they can fuck my world up… but I issue this statement to them:


*ahem*  Thank you….

- She Who Has The Last Word

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One Response to “I want my money, bitch!”

  1. leftybrown says:

    I’m always impatient too when I’m owed money. The IRS website is pretty spot on, but it’s only from their end…your bank might take a business day or two to transfer the refund into your account.

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