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Naughty Bear + Zombies = Left 4 Ted

That’s it. I’m officially declaring this the Decade of the Zombie. Naughty Bear is joining the “Hey, let’s have a zombie mode!” craze with their new downloadable content.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood DLC!

Yes, you read that correctly! Hot off the release of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and we already have DLC announced for it! I know, it’s fantastic. It gets better, too! If you really don’t believe it can get any better, you might want to keep reading, because it does. No, really. It does.

Some More Music to Add to Your Rock Band Collection!

So you’re playing Rock Band and you decide that you’re sick of all the songs in your library. Sucky place to be, right? I bet you’re hoping that some new DLC comes out soon. Your hopes and dreams (well, maybe not dreams) are about to come true!

Free Rock Band DLC on Record Store Day

Yes, you read that title right. The word “Free” was used in conjunction with the words “Rock Band DLC” to convey a very simple message. Free Rock Band DLC. (On Record Store Day).

New Dance Central DLC Announced

Yo, if I had a Kinect, you know I’d be gettin’ my funky fresh groove moves on with Dance Central. Now, with new DLC announced to expand the available track-list, Dance Central just got even funkier. However, we don’t have a Kinect, so my mad dance skillz will have to go unappreciated by all except Lindsey, [...]

Valkyria Chronicles II DLC!

Valkyria Chronicles II, a tactical roleplaying game about civil war. Sounds like that would be enough eh? Sega doesn’t seem to think so!

DLC: Rock Band 3

When I think of the mother ship of downloadable content, I think of rhythm games. The Rock Band franchise tops that list. Recently, it was the additions of B.B. King, The Bee Gees and Procol Harum. Today, we’ve got a true legend for ya!

nail’d Details Have Arrived!

nail’d is on it’s way to distribution, and while gamers everywhere wait patiently, we have the full achievement and trophy list, DLC  information and screenshots to share with you!

Rock Band 3 Gets New Media

Rock Band 3 will be the recipient of some new track this coming week! Check out the new tracks from B.B. King, the Bee Gees and Procol Harum!

New Medal of Honor Game Modes

EA has announced lots of goodies for Medal of Honor, including opportunities to win stuff, play with developers and even new game modes!

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