Xona Games - New Titles Released!

As a Canadian, it only seemed fit that I write about an up-and-coming Canadian indie development company, Xona Games, who will be releasing two new titles this coming week - Decimation X3 and Score Rush!

You may remember Decimation X3 from Jonathan’s post about the Xbox Live Indie Games Winter Uprising. If you don’t remember, come out from under your rock and keep reading!

Decimation X3 is a sequel to Decimation X, which just so happens to be the second highest rated indie game in Japan out of approximately 1500 games! Developer, Xona Games, claims Decimation X3, a retro 3D shooter, will have players fight ”intense, never-ending waves of enemies” and use “a continual rain of power-ups to significantly improve your offensive and defensive capabilities.”

Score Rush is an “intense 2D, four-player, dual-stick, bullet-hell, score-running shooter” according to the two-man team that forms Xona Games. This shooter will have players face off against mid-bosses, big bosses, and smaller enemies, all while enjoying the retro music of Dragon Music Productions.

Both games will be available for 80 Microsoft points. Decimation X3 and Score Rush will be available for download on December 7 and 9, respectively.

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