Review: Decimation X3 (XBLI)

Review: Decimation X3 (XBLI)

I love old games. I generally dislike attempts at remaking old games, or reusing the mechanic of old games, because it is hardly ever an improvement on the memory and feel of the original game. Incidentally, I feel the same about TV shows and movies, but that’s off topic. Back on topic, a simple, classic game like Space Invaders is not the kind of game I would expect to be remade with any significant improvement upon the brilliant simplicity of the original. The images are iconic; the gameplay was at times easy, at times excruciatingly and infuriatingly difficult; the memory is treasured. I must admit, I approached Decimation X3 with some skepticism and caution, as it is undeniably reminiscent of Space Invaders.

Having played Decimation X3 now, I can gladly say that my skepticism and caution were, while practical, completely unnecessary. The basic mechanic is Space Invaders. You, and up to three more local players co-op, control a small ship at the bottom of the screen that must destroy wave upon wave of horizontally-advantaged invaders… from space. Why not just play Space Invaders, you might ask? Aside from the phenomenal Imphenzia Music remix soundtrack that makes me want to dance in my chair as I play, Decimation X3 adds bonuses and power-ups that, along with the faster-paced invaders from space (who are extremely trigger happy, might I add), brings the game to a level of intensity and speed that the original Space Invaders simply can not match.

Developed by Xona Games, Decimation X3 was released as part of the Indie Games Winter Uprising event currently taking place on XBL. It is priced at 80 MSP ($1), and provides far more entertainment for that $1 than you can get in any reputable establishment.

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  • Matthew Doucette

    Thank you again, another great and honest review!

    • lindsey

      Thank you again for a great and addicting game. It truly is retro done right.

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