Review: Score Rush (XBLI)

Review: Score Rush (XBLI)

I realize I’ll probably draw some scorn for this, but I never really got into Geometry Wars. There was just something about it that turned me off, and I’m not entirely sure what it was. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was how enemies could spawn anywhere on the screen, instead of coming from a predictable location. I loved the graphics, and I loved the soundtrack, but that just wasn’t enough for me. So, as with Decimation X3, I went into Score Rush with skepticism and caution.

As with Decimation X3, my skepticism and caution were gladly unnecessary. Score Rush plays like a frantic Geometry Wars, Asteroids, and Ikaruga mash-up, with some unique differences. First, like Geometry Wars, the left stick controls movement, and the right stick controls firing direction. However, unlike Geometry Wars and Asteroids, the enemies only appear from the top, which reminds me more of Ikaruga. However, unlike Ikaruga, there is no safety from enemy fire based on color, nor is there any forward motion. Like Geometry Wars and Ikaruga, once you start reaching higher levels of the game, the screen becomes full of enemies and enemy fire. It gets to the point where you focus more on moving your ship (which, as in Decimation X3, can be joined by up to three local co-op players) to dodge bullets while simply firing your weapons into the large mass of danger before you. The colors are bright and vibrant, and at times the explosions start happening so quickly it’s a wonder you don’t suffer a visually-triggered seizure. The soundtrack is, like Decimation X3, really phenomenal. Dragon Music Productions did an amazing job putting music to this game that really helped aid the experience.

Developed by Xona Games, Score Rush was released as part of the Indie Games Winter Uprising event currently taking place on XBL. It is priced at 80 MSP ($1), and provides far more entertainment for that $1 than you can get in any reputable (or, for that matter, irreputable) establishment.

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  • Matthew Doucette

    Thank you! P.S. Actually there is forward motion in Score Rush. It’s a vertically scrolling shmup, even with ground and dead/fallen enemies!

    • lindsey

      We just played it again right now and you’re absolutely right. We were so busy shooting and dodging that we completely missed the subtlety of the vertical scrolling. We had a blast though! Thanks for enjoying our review :)