Batman: Arkham City Teaser Trailer

After a lot of waiting and speculation, we finally have a teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham City.

In the sequel to Rocksteady Studios‘ hit game of 2009, Batman infiltrates Arkham City, a section of Gotham set up by its new mayor Quincy Sharp to house all of the city’s criminals. The place is run by Dr. Hugo Strange, who has his own agenda. With several of his worst enemies battling each other for territory and survival, and his old ally/enemy Catwoman thrown into the mix, can Batman save the day again?

This teaser trailer features Batman taking on the security of Arkham, a private military group called Tyger. While short, it does set the tone for the upcoming game with its urban environment and new group of enemies. The sequence is also reminiscent of the climatic battles in the feature film The Dark Knight, which will really make fans swoon.

Batman: Arkham City will be released in Autumn of 2011, for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. And it looks like this game is aiming to go even higher than its predecessor.

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