Soap Opera Dash Coming Next Week

Over the course of many months, I think I’ve accurately portrayed how fond I am of the DASH series by PlayFirst. Well, today I am pleased as punch to say that next week, on the 14th, Soap Opera Dash will be released.

PlayFirst actually teased the game last week with an email letting everybody know that the new DASH game would actually semi tie-in with their latest game Avenue Flo: Special Delivery. Those who played the game will remember the car parked outside the laundromat that belonged to Simon the celebrity, the guy you had to find in Flo’s restaurant. In Soap Opera Dash, the story does involve Simon a bit in the fact that he auditioned for a role on a show being produced by a famous soap company, but he was turned down. Now Rosie, one of the main producers of the show, is in desperate need of an actor. This is where you come in.

Throughout the Soap Opera Dash game you’ll be in charge of setting up sets, helping with makeup and wardrobe, and handling the throngs of rabid fans and paparazzi. The core concept of the game will be the same, as it is with other games in the DASH series: you have a location, progress through the levels, and as you make your way throughout the actual game, each location will increase in difficulty. With 5 different locations to play through, each having 10 levels, Soap Opera Dash should be a decent length. There’s no word yet if any fun mini-games will be thrown in the mix, but I sure hope so. Be sure to check back next week for our review!

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