A Yakuza 4 Christmas Gift from Sega

Even though the release date for Yakuza 4 is still pretty far off, Sega has decided to treat us to some epic videos about the new characters. We’re going back to Japan’s underground and it feels good. Oh so good.

Like in previous Yakuza games, we’ve followed Kazuma Kiryu and only Kazuma, through the crime infested streets. Now, we get a chance to look into the two of the three new main characters, their goals, and some brief history.

The following trailers contain mature content and you may have to sign in if you want to see them.

The first new main character is a man named Taiga Saejima.

The second new character is Shun Akiyama.

And finally we get to see what good old Kazuma Kiryu is up to.

All of those look pretty intense. Keep checking World of Meh for more updates on Kazuma 4 as the release date slowly creeps ever closer.

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