A New DS Murder Mystery

Capcom’s new game, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, will have you solving mysteries with a dead man. No… he’s not a zombie… Why does everything always have to be about zombies with you people?

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is slowly making its way over to North America in January but a demo seems to have made it here first. Wonder how that happened. Anyway, Capcom posted the demo for their new DS game on the Nintendo DS Download channel.

The game revolves around a dead guy named Sissel (he looks like an Ace Attorney character) that’s trying to discover the reason he died, who did it and all that fun stuff. Along the way he meets all kinds of characters ranging from an attorney named Lynne, who was around Sissel at his time of death, to a slightly over dramatic dog named Missile.

Now as for the demo, you get to play through a small Christmas themed level in which you have to deliver a hidden Christmas present to a young girl that lives with Lynne named Kamilla. The level was short but still fun to play through even though the dog did start to get a little obnoxious (some people will disagree and say he’s hilarious… that’s just not my humor people). Missile aside, the demo entertained me the entire way through and I wouldn’t mind picking up the full game when it comes out in January.

I’d recommend checking the demo out if you’re a puzzle game or Ace Attorney fan. You can find Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective on the Wii’s Nintendo Channel through the DS Download Service. Capcom will release the full game January 11, 2011 (or 1/11/11).

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