Announcing Yakuza 4!

Sega’s hyper realistic game is back for another round. This time it’s got more to do and more characters.

Sega has announced that the sequel to the successful game series Yakuza will be making it’s debut sometime Spring 2011. This is great news for fans of the series. For anyone who doesn’t play the games, it is set in the Kamurocho or Kamuro City which is a fictional version of the real life Kabukicho, which is a red-light district in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

In a surprising twist Sega has decided to add three more main characters in addition to the first, Kazuma Kiryu. Not much has been said about any of the new characters however, it appears that they all have something to do with Kazuma. The new characters are a loan shark named Akiyama, an escaped convict named Saejima, and a detective named Tanimura.

The newest installment will mainly take place in the Tokyo underground, developing different parts for each character giving players a unique experience depending on who you play as. While only a handful of screen shots and small amounts of news has been released about the game, players can be sure that the newest installment will make as big of an impact as the first.

To view other information about the previous installments, visit the official website.

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