Beware of My Custom Xbox

Months ago I saw a friend of mine on Facebook ‘Like’ this page for My Custom Xbox (also known as My Custom Controller). When I went and took a look of the page, out of curiosity, I saw that it was a company that made custom Xbox 360 controllers. Since I’m obviously into that sort of stuff, and my friend was doing some stuff with them at that time, I clicked ‘Like’ as well to support her. Looking back on the fan page today, the company is having some serious problems, and gamers everywhere need to be aware of what’s going on.

Now, I don’t take delight in bashing fellow gaming companies, but when I see that something potentially crooked is going on, I feel that it is important to warn other gamers and consumers.

Back in August I had sent an email to the [email protected] email address inquiring about doing an article featuring some of their work (obviously this was prior to me even knowing about all of these negative things), and within a few hours I received a phone call about it. The initial phone call didn’t last too long as he had to abruptly let me know because one of the “Pros” was calling him. I wasn’t too keen on that because, here I am contacting him to help give his company more exposure and potentially more business, but I was tossed aside since I wasn’t nearly as important as an MLG pro.
When he did call me back, he mentioned about advertising on our site for the month of September, starting on the 1st, and the ad would be for the new Rapid Fire Controller they were coming out with. The ad would’ve been placed where we currently have the banner for Extra Life, a prime location, and we would receive a decent amount -  enough to pay for a few months worth of hosting fees for the site. Not a bad deal at all. I was told that he would start to work on the design with one of his guys, and that he would get back to me so that it could be ready to go as soon as the 1st hit. I never heard back from him, and even though the money would’ve been nice, I am most certainly glad that business transaction never transpired, and here’s why.
Multiple customers have been posting on the My Custom Xbox Facebook page, repeatedly asking about orders. Some were placed weeks ago, whereas some were placed almost an entire year ago. Clearly something is amiss, and those who are waiting on orders that have already been fully paid are starting to get seriously pissed off.
One girl has placed two orders: one back in December of 2009, and another in May. She has yet to receive either order, and she was told back in early September that the May order actually had to be re-painted, but would be done by the end of that week. Well, it’s now close to the middle of October and she has yet to receive her items. One would think that, if a persons order had to be redone, a courtesy email would’ve been sent out updating them. Sadly that was not the case.
It’s gotten so bad that, one of the guys maintaining the Facebook page known as Ferg, announced last week that he was leaving the company due to the problems that were going on. That stayed up for a few days, but if you go and look at it now, it has been removed. I neglected to get a capture of it, but if you look at the Twitter account for My Custom Xbox, you’ll see the tweet that was made.
Many customers who’ve plunked down their hard-earned dollars have started to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, and I honestly can’t blame them. After months of sending emails and receiving no responses, not getting really any help at all on the Facebook page other than being told to send another email to the same account that isn’t responding, and then the main guy, Scogre, changing his phone number, I’d be pretty damn pissed too.
I reached out to some of the people who were posting, and while some never responded, those that did gave me some stories that I have been given permission to share with you all.
The first guy, Jake M., is one who has filed with the BBB, but his initial post about that on the Facebook page was deleted. It seems like they are trying to do damage control and cover up their tracks, but it’s not working because those who have been rubbed the wrong way are making sure word gets out. Here is his story in his words:
anyways.  so i ordered a controller from them in june after researching off mlgs websites about their products.  i was choosing between them and mycustom controller.  i emailed my first and got a quick response from the owner who even offered me a discount.  but after reading i decided to go with mycustomxbox.  in june there was a disclaimer stating that there would be a 1-2 month delay for any controller that is PAINTED.  now i ordered a painted controller knowing that id have to wait.  no big deal.  i ordered some paint masks with the controller and they arrived a few days after my order.  i contacted mycustomxbox (owners name scogre) about the update of my order…. no reply… so i waited a week and sent another email…. no reply.  i sent an email listing some of my sponsors telling him that hes getting a bad name around some big companies.  i recieved an email the next day and this is what it stated “Hey Jake, I’m sorry, I don’t want to blow you off, but what is your order number and I’ll get you an update. scogre” and that was august 10th.  i replied with my order number and stated that it was odd that he got back to me so fast since i name dropped some of my sponsors.  he never replied with any order update.  i proceeded to email him a few more times, even once from a different email but got no reply.  even posted a few times on their facebook wall about wanting to know what was going on.  with no replies.  so i just filed a complaint with the better business bureau and am waiting for a resolution with them.  i dont even want my controller all i want is my money back.  so hopefully they can help!  i know there are a lot of upset people with the lack of service from mycustomxbox.  i just hope that people realize what a terrible business man scogre is and everyone gets their money back.
Jake was also kind enough to share with us the emails he sent:

Friday July 30, 2010 at 7:12pm to [email protected]

mailed by *********

subject:wondering how much longer to receive my controller
hey mcx.  i ordered a controller at the beginning of june and was just wondering how much longer till i get it

On August 10, 2010 at 1:41am to [email protected]

mailed by *********
so still havent gotten a reply about when my controller will be shipped.  its been about 2 months and i know weather delays and things like that.  but you can at lest send me an email back about it regarding my questions.  especially when you can take the time to facebook all day. so hopefully i can get a reply from you guys soon.
(sponsored by **********, ************, ***********…. you guys deffinetly arent getting great rep around when it comes to communications)

Scogre Replies on August 10th, 2010 at 8:22am from [email protected]

I’m sorry, I don’t want to blow you off, but what is your order number and I’ll get you an update. Scogre

August 10th 2010 at 11:30am i replied
My order number is ****. Thanks for the reply. I love watching your YouTube videos. Their pretty funny! Jake

still no reply, so i sent another email a few weeks later

Monday august 23rd 2010 at 12:16pm
My order number is ****. Thanks for the reply.

no replies at all.  so i figure id give another email a shot with still no success.

To [email protected] from **********

subject:order number ****

still curious about when my controller will be here since i ordered it around the beginning middle of june.  order number is ****.


Another customer, Drew D., had this to say, in his own words, about his experience:

Well about 4 weeks ago, I have bought some things from and I got the items i needed. I noticed a few problems in my products and i was very unsatisfied. I wanted to contact him about my problems.  I found the email which is the @info and emailed him about myproblem. I expected an email back in the next couple days, but i actually didnt get one back. So then about 4 days ago, i sent a second and third… And of course no respond. I would expect that would push people away from his business . But look at that, ferg is leaving my custom xbox. Is that good or bad? In my opinion, it is great. He was slacking in his part, and that may be the reason why no one was getting an email back.

If those two testimonials weren’t enough to make you a little leery about spending your money at My Custom Xbox, then maybe these screen shots taken from their Facebook page today will (click on each image to enlarge and open a gallery):

What really makes this sad is that, in addition to the 2,000+ fans they have on Facebook, they have 600 followers on Twitter, and over 14,000 subscribers on their YouTube Channel with over 1.6 million video views. It really makes you wonder just how many more customers there are out there who haven’t voiced their grievances on the Facebook page, and just how much money those individuals have lost.
Last I’ve heard, many are wanting refunds now, and not even caring about whatever custom controller they were hoping to have. They simply want their money back, and here’s hoping that happens.
Have you had a negative experience with My Custom Xbox or any other company similar to theirs? We’d love to hear it so leave it in a comment below!
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2 Responses to “Beware of My Custom Xbox”

  1. Austin says:

    Dude, this guy fucked up. Nobody is getting their money back, unless they go after the company. But my guess is the business is falling apart, and likely bankrupt.

    I would suggest for people to get skins or wraps for their controllers, or paint it yourself. An airbrush kit isn’t very expensive, and you can cut out stencils with an Exacto knife.

    • lindsey says:

      What’s even worse, and I forgot to put that in the article, is that, if you look throughout the gallery of Facebook posts I provided, you’ll see that the controllers people ordered and were waiting months for were being displayed as completed in the gallery! Isn’t that a fucking kick in the ass? So, there you are, unable to get in touch with anybody, wanting what you paid for, and it’s online on display for everybody to see lol!

      Some rumors floating around are that they grew too big too quickly without enough staff to support the amount of orders coming in, but if that were the case, the responsible thing would’ve been to close off the chance for people to place orders, state the reason why, and give the option to sign up for a mailing list so that, when things were open again in terms of being able to place an order, the potential customers would be alerted.

      Instead, the guy knew he was behind on orders, knew that he didn’t have the staff in order to get things out, and was still accepting peoples money. Sure there is a disclaimer on the site that painted controllers have a 1-2 month delay, but there are people who have been waiting much longer than that so the disclaimer means fuck all at this point.

      It’s just a very unfortunate situation, and I feel terrible for all of the people out there who’ve been waiting for who knows how long. It’s just not right.

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