Oooh, Shiny! Check Out the New Xbox Dashboard!

Last week Xbox Live Gold Members were able to sign up to beta test the new dashboard that was slated to come out. I signed myself up hoping to share it with the site, and fortunately I was selected. Today I was prompted to update my console, and what you’re about to see is a video I recorded this evening showing you all the features.

Xbox Live gamers should feel relieved in knowing that, while things are updated, the core elements are still intact. The sounds have been changed, and I personally thought it was a smart move. Having more of a modern tech feel to them, it complimented the new streamline, efficient design of the dashboard.

Some problems I ran into were minor, and I know it’s only because what I’m looking at is a preview of what’s to come for all Live members. Avatar Marketplace was unavailable, the Avatar awards I’ve unlocked aren’t available for use, and communication with my XBL friends is only possible if they too have the update. Sure it is a bit of an inconvenience, but the world isn’t going to end, so I don’t mind.

The video I made, that’s roughly 14 minutes long, hopefully covers the things you all wanted to see the most. I forgot to download the updates for the Facebook and Twitter features, so if I notice any changes, I will be sure to do a different video or post for them. Oh, and since I don’t have a Kinect, I obviously couldn’t check out some of the features for it so, sorry!

Once you do finish watching the video, I’m curious to hear your thoughts and opinions regardless if you’ve received the update or not, so please leave them in a comment below.

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4 Responses to “Oooh, Shiny! Check Out the New Xbox Dashboard!”

  1. allen says:

    well i didnt watch it all but i seen all i wanted to see. so far it looks amazing. i hope that with the month they have left they will continue to improve on the features. but i do like the design of and the colors of the theme that it comes with when you log on to live. i dont really need the espn stuff but i know their are a lot of sports fan’s out there that will love it. nice work!!!!

    • lindsey says:

      Thanks :) Glad you liked it. The improvements are really nice, but the theme I had on is called Day so anybody can have that really. I don’t like to use Premium Themes for some reason lol!

  2. JamesC says:

    you had me at “Invader Zim”…

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