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DC Universe Online - Final Thoughts

No, this isn’t, and my “Final Thoughts” won’t be some silly moral lesson based on the day’s cat-fights and obscenities. I couldn’t think of a better title for this post, so if you don’t like it, please feel free to leave a comment. Keep in mind that I will ignore your comment. I may [...]

DC Universe Online - Hands-on Impressions

Have I mentioned that I attended a press event at the DC Universe Online studio last week in Austin, TX? Well, I did, and part of that press event included almost two hours of hands-on game time on both PC and PS3. Jealous, much? Well, you should be. Long story short (if it’s not too [...]

DC Universe Online - Game Physics

I know you were expecting the Hands-on Impressions today, but I’ve ret-conned the site, and so today we take a look at the physics of the DC Universe Online world. As this is a video game based on comic books, one can hardly expect the physics to conform to real-world standards, so we’re in store [...]

DC Universe Online - World Tour

Today’s article focuses on the DC Universe Online…universe. Shortly after Character Creation, Chris Cao and Jens Andersen gave us an in-game aerial tour of the DC Universe Online world, highlighting both of the main world locations (Gotham and Metropolis), as well as the headquarters (Watchtower and Hall of Doom), Arkham Asylum, Khandaq, the Batcave, the [...]

DC Universe Online - Interview with John Blakely

This interview happened at the end of our day at the DCUO studio. I had lost track of time while playing the game, and if it hadn’t been for SOE Public Relations Specialist extraordinaire Ryan Peters, I would have missed my chance to sit down and ask the questions that I and our staff worked so [...]

DC Universe Online - Character Creation

I was lucky enough to be one of the few invited to the DC Universe Online studio for an opportunity to see the game and talk to the people that made it. Today’s article focuses on the character creation and customization features of DC Universe Online as they were presented to us by Chris Cao and [...]

DC Universe Online - Press Event

Last Monday, November 1, I found myself in a place I had not been for close to five years; an airport. I was on my way to Texas (there’s a bad country song in there, somewhere), where I was invited by Sony Online Entertainment to attend a semi-exclusive press event and game preview for their [...]

Take a Peek at the Bat Cave & More in New DCUO Screenies

Happy Friday indeed! Right now, some fresh new screenshots for DC Universe Online came in, and I am so excited. What a great way to start off the weekend!

The Scarecrow Terrifies DC Universe Online

You know, I have to wonder why anyone would live in Gotham City. I mean, its filled with guys like Scarecrow who dress up in terrifying costumes and spray you with gas and in general do horrible things to you. Well, DC Universe Online is gonna let you do something to fix that little problem. [...]

More Screenshots for DC Universe Online

I’m a little late with this as I was working my butt off for Sarcastic Gamer and Extra Life’s charity game-a-thon, but, check out some new screenshots for DC Universe Online! And, as always, check back often for updates!

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