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DC Universe Online – Character Creation

I was lucky enough to be one of the few invited to the DC Universe Online studio for an opportunity to see the game and talk to the people that made it. Today’s article focuses on the character creation and customization features of DC Universe Online as they were presented to us by Chris Cao and Jens Andersen. The character creation walkthrough revealed character classes, abilities, weapons, and more. I apologize if the camera shakes at times, but I recorded the entire event on my iPhone, and at the time of this recording, had already been doing so for over an hour. My hands and arms were, understandably, somewhat tired.

Come back tomorrow for the (I think) exclusive interview with Sony Online Entertainment’s Vice President of Development, John Blakely!

Disclosure: I attended a DC Universe Online event hosted by Sony Online Entertainment. Sony Online Entertainment paid for my flight, hotel and meals in connection with the event.

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  • Austin

    That looks really well planned. I am excited to see the final product.

  • Marilyn

    I’m really excited. I’ve been waiting for this game for three years. I tried Champions Online, but it wasn’t addicting.


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