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DC Universe Online - Hands-on Impressions

Have I mentioned that I attended a press event at the DC Universe Online studio last week in Austin, TX? Well, I did, and part of that press event included almost two hours of hands-on game time on both PC and PS3. Jealous, much? Well, you should be. Long story short (if it’s not too [...]

Comic Book Deaths And The Stupidity That Is Killing Super Hero Comics

You may have heard that Marvel is going to kill Spider-Man. Except that they aren’t. We know that by now, right? Its all a sham, a way to boost sales. Things will return to the status quo eventually, everybody will have a good laugh and they’ll forget all about it. So why do they keep [...]

Take a Peek at the Bat Cave & More in New DCUO Screenies

Happy Friday indeed! Right now, some fresh new screenshots for DC Universe Online came in, and I am so excited. What a great way to start off the weekend!

Loads Of New Info About Batman 3

Actually, we can’t really call it Batman 3 anymore. Christopher Nolan, in an interview with HeroComplex, has stated that the third of his Batman movies will be called The Dark Knight Rises. Other things to rise from this news: fanboy hype and Internet speculation.

The Scarecrow Terrifies DC Universe Online

You know, I have to wonder why anyone would live in Gotham City. I mean, its filled with guys like Scarecrow who dress up in terrifying costumes and spray you with gas and in general do horrible things to you. Well, DC Universe Online is gonna let you do something to fix that little problem. [...]

Zack Snyder To Direct Nolan’s Superman

Deadline is saying that the director for the new Superman movie has been chosen.

Nolan Confirms Batman 3

Movie fans have been waiting for this, and now they don’t have to wait anymore. Today, Christopher Nolan confirmed that he is indeed working on Batman 3.

New DC Universe Screenshots

Lindsey was on her game when she announced a trailer for DC Universe Online, a new MMO with a set release date of November 2. Well, now we have some great screenshots, too! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Arkham City Screens Are Drivin’ Me Crazy

Who could imagine that a city full of homicidal maniacs dressed up like clowns and men with half their faces burned off could look this good?

Batman: The Brave and the Bold™ the Videogame Gameplay Video

The good folks over at Warner Bros. Interactive have been kind enough to give us just a couple minutes of the upcoming Wii title.  

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