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Don’t You Want Castlevania To Be Your Home?

If you answered yes to that then you obviously have some real odd preferences on where you want to live. Haunted castles aren’t prime retail spots. But hey, Konami thinks that you want your place to have an evil breakfast nook. Who am I to argue?

Ryu Hayabusa in a Mario game?

For awhile now, hacks on classic games have been really popular. Some are downright genius, whereas others are for laughs. Super Mario Bros. Crossover is the latest project by Jay Pavlina, founder of a production company called Exploding Rabbit, and easily falls into the aforementioned genius category.

EA Studio Showcase: Shank

Shank, announced at Penny Arcade Expo 2009 and debuted at E3 2010, has received an official release date and a few additional details.  Klei Entertainment will be releasing Shank for download via PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on August 24th and August 25th, respectively, at a price of $14.99 PSN / 1,200MSP XBL.

Classic Games: Still great, or is it just nostalgia?

Last Tuesday, for my birthday, I whipped out my NES and played a beloved game from my childhood, Crystalis. At first I was pretty scared to pop it in, because what if I didn’t feel the same way about it anymore? What if the gameplay or story was too simplistic for my current gaming tastes? [...]

Xbox Live Arcade ‘Inventory Blowout’, Deal of the Week, and More!

Now through Tuesday, June 21st, get massive discounts on many Xbox Live Arcade titles. Sadly, we own most of the ones listed so we can’t fully take advantage of this deal, but this is fantastic for those of you who are wanting to expand your XBLA library. A Kingdom for Keflings - 50% off Alien [...]

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