Don’t You Want Castlevania To Be Your Home?

If you answered yes to that then you obviously have some real odd preferences on where you want to live. Haunted castles aren’t prime retail spots. But hey, Konami thinks that you want your place to have an evil breakfast nook. Who am I to argue?

Now this isn’t a real life thing. Oh no, real life isn’t that interesting yet. I was simply using humor to transition us into the article about how on Playstation Home you can get all sorts of neat Castlevania and Contra stuff. What kind of stuff? Well, we have Gabriel Belmont’s Brotherhood of Light gear, the Combat Cross, Dark Gauntlet and Cyclone Boots as well as the bandannas that Bill Rizer and Lance Bean wore, as well as their pants and boots. You want their tank tops and guns too? Okay. You can get their tank tops and guns. See? Isn’t that a lot of neat stuff?

Now this won’t be all that Konami has to offer us on the Home front. They’ve got more stuff coming. What is it? Who knows. Will it be a Pyramid Head helmet? It sure as sugar better be!

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