CoD: Black Ops - Fidel Is Going Down

Happy Friday everybody.  Here is yet another Call of Duty: Black Ops video for you all to enjoy:

In this scene we bust into Fidel Castro’s heavily guarded compound, busting caps in multiple military and personal private guards, making your way into his private lair to complete the ultimate goal of taking him out. Is it possible? You be the judge.


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  1. xXDoc DaneekaXx (BoleskineDrive) says:

    The game looks great at first glance, and indeed is graphically competent, the single player especially, though distance scenery is lacking. Playing on day one seemed fine too, then we hit a reported 8 mil online. I saw it reach only 2.6, but here is where the new motor started to whine. I reset my router to see if NAT settings were the cause as sometimes was the case on WAW, but no. Today, day 3 I have been unable to play any game on the ‘core’ settings, TDM was problematic initially but this has spread to the rest of the CORE games. I reverted to classic TDM which is better, but disconnects in about 30pc of games.There are niggly bugs too, I can’t rename my Assault Class as ‘Assault’ because of the profanity filter even though the single player mode rings out screams of F**K every two mins. Shoddy. I’d really like to know how widespread a problem this is before I go ape on Twitter and urge everybody to return their copies of this mis-firing wreck to whence it came. Treyarch have drawn in over £220M in sales for the last 3 days. Buy some servers and fix the bugs!

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