Direct2Drive is Having a Massive FPS Sale Plus CoD: Black Ops Deal

Starting right this second, and going until 10 AM on Monday, October 25th, Direct2Drive is having a massive sale.

What is this massive sale? What if I told you that every single FPS on that site, all 190 of them, is available for 10% off? And when I say every single title, I mean stuff ranging from the new releases like Fallout: New Vegas and Medal of Honor to stuff like BioShock, Left 4 Dead, and Deus Ex. The only catch is that the discount can’t be applied to any pre-orders or games that are already on sale, but the odds of Fallout: New Vegas being already discounted are slim to none.

While 10% might not seem that much to some of you, being able to save a few dollars, especially on new games, is pretty awesome.

To receive said discount, enter this code at checkout: LOCKNLOAD. Without entering the special promo code, you won’t receive the discount, and will have to pay full retail price. Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

Also, for those of you who are lagging on pre-ordering the PC version Call of Duty: Black Ops, if you do so this weekend through Direct2Drive, they’ll give you a coupon to take 20% off any previous Call of Duty title. No special promotional code is needed for that, but just know that the 20% off coupon won’t be available until the launch of CoD: Black Ops on November 9th. I assume it’s to prevent people from pre-ordering the game, receiving the coupon within 24 hours, and then cancelling the pre-order and basically cheating D2D out of money. People can be pretty crooked sometimes.

Anyways, for you PC FPS fans, this is a pretty great deal, and a chance to stock up on some of those titles you’ve been waiting on. For more information, or for the complete list of titles available through Direct2Drive, please go here. Just remember: LOCKNLOAD.

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