Stupid, stupid Moogle

This morning, after a terrible night of sleep, I rolled over to see Chris frantically getting dressed for work. Thinking that he was running late, I checked the clock on my iPhone only to see that it was 6:24. Since Chris has to leave at 6:30, and was obviously not running late, I asked him what was wrong.

Chris then started telling me how when he went into the laundry room this morning to get a pair of jeans from the dryer, he didn’t see Moogle. Since we can’t trust Moogle to be loose at night, because she is a demon from Hell and would break stuff, we leave her in the laundry room. It’s spacious, has her food, water, litter box, places for her to climb, and there is even a nice window we have open for her so she gets fresh air and a breeze. So Chris was saying that he thought Moogs was in one of the cabinets, because she loves to climb into them and sleep, but she wasn’t there. Chris then started to look around, checking to see if she was behind the washer or dryer, but no Moogle. It was after that when he noticed that the screen over the window was popped open.Moogle was loose outside.

Moogs is an indoor only cat, she has yet to be spayed simply because we can’t afford the cost right now, she hasn’t had a single shot (and before any of you try and say how she should, we can track things in, blah blah blah… we know, and I keep a close eye on her), she isn’t micro-chipped, and she has no identification on her collar because, again, she is an indoor only cat.

I immediately got out of bed, worried that something could’ve happened to her since there are loads of feral cats in our neighborhood, and threw on a robe because my sleeping attire wasn’t something others needed to see. As soon as I got to the front door and opened it, there she was in the bushes to the left. She looked spooked, and was reluctant to come towards me, and was dirty. When she eventually walked inside, I could tell that, fortunately, there was no harm done to her. No signs of her being in a fight, or anything like that. She was just dirty. Chris came down the hallway to make sure she was OK, and when he got close, Moogle started to growl a little and I could hear her starting to hiss. Moogs might be a demon kitty, but I’ve never heard her hiss at us or anything like that.

Thinking she might just be scared from it all, I picked her up to comfort her, and went to give her a snuggle. What did she do? The bitch hissed again! The nerve of her! Needless to say, she went back into her special room, window closed so we don’t have to run into that problem again, and she is still in there. I’m waiting on Chris to get home so we can bathe her filthy self.

Damn cat…. *sigh*

- Me

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