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Donnie vs. Sliding Glass Door

Our dog Donnie finally came here with us earlier this week on Tuesday. The transition from him being solely outside to the apartment has been very smooth, and expensive.

Right around the time we got him last year we purchased a squeaky toy that looks just like a squirrel. Ty, the beanie baby company, makes them and has about 9 different ones to choose from - not all squirrels though.

The original one ended up getting abused so much that it’s ass got tore open exposing white cottony fluff everywhere. Obviously the toy was no longer safe and I didn’t have any needles or thread to stitch it back up. Instead, for months, Donnie had to make due with his other toys.

Tuesday night we went to PetSmart. We needed to purchase a kennel for him because he isn’t house trained. Last thing I want to do is wake up to shit and piss all over the carpet. That can’t make for a good morning. We also got him new water and food bowls, a separate doggy bed that he has yet to even touch, food, snackies, and I gave him the return of his squirly!

On Thursday I had the sliding glass door open along with the screen so that he could go in and out onto the patio as he pleased. At one point I tossed out Squirly because he loves to go and fetch him. For some reason Donnie didn’t recognize the difference between glass and the actual opening and ran full charge into the sliding door.

All I heard was BAM!!

The look on his face was priceless and he was obviously stunned. I couldn’t help but chuckle a litttle but I felt bad for him because I know that had to have hurt.

Friday morning I woke up and let him out of his kennel. I took him for his walk so that he could get out, get some fresh air, and the most important thing - do his potty business.

After that was all said and done I went to go and open up the blinds to let in the natural light and fresh air. I forgot that Squirly was still out on the patio and that was the first thing that Donnie saw. I’m pretty sure you all can guess what happened next…..

He bolted straight for him and SLAM! right into the door …. again.

Hopefully over the next few days we can get him to realize that door = bad.

Until then, I just hope that the poor little guy doesn’t knock his doggie brains out!

- She Who Has The Last Word

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