Survey Says! Family Feud Decades Now Available

I’ve been watching Family Feud for almost all of my life because I love game shows, and I love anything that allows me to feel intellectually superior. Looking back, I’ve played Family Feud games many times on various platforms: PC, iPhone, and more. Today, Ubisoft announced that their latest foray into game show gaming, Family Feud Decades for the Nintendo Wii, has officially hit store shelves.

Since there have been many versions prior to this new one, I’m sure you’re all wondering what makes this particular game so special and different. Well, I’ll tell you!

The actual Family Feud show has been on television since the 1970′s, and since the game itself is titled Family Feud Decades, it will be covering all four decades of the show. There will be questions from the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s, and 2000′s so really anybody can play along with the family and have fun. Sure us youngins who were born in the early 80′s (shout out to 1982!) might not know all of the answers to the questions in the 70′s and 80′s categories, but it gives us a chance to learn something new.

Another cool thing is that they have made the show sets to look exactly like the way they used to in each decade, further bringing that authentic, nostalgic feel to the game. With over 2,500 survey questions, and the ability to choose between single player or party mode, Family Feud Decades should offer a ton of replay value.

Finally, FF Decades will give players the chance to customize their characters with themed looks. One can look like they belong at a disco, a punk show, a 90′s grunge concert, or even a hippie from back in the Peace & Love days.

Hopefully down the road Ubisoft has plans to bring a game like this to the 360 or PS3, but for now it seems like this might be an exclusive Wii title.

Family Feud Decades is available right now at all major retailers for the bargain price of only $29.99.

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