Get Sand in your Pants in A World of Keflings

Oh yes! Today NinjaBee Games released screenshots for their third kingdom in the hotly anticipated XBLA game, A World of Keflings. Months ago when the trailer came out I almost died from excitement, so these new screenshots are sure to make me bounce off the walls.

NinjaBee is, hands down, the greatest thing to ever come from Utah, and I’d go so far as to say that they are one of my favorite studios of all time. Seriously. Based on what little of A World of Keflings I’ve seen, I want it more than any other game that’s coming out in the next year.

In a press release that was sent out today, Art Director Brent Fox stated:

“In A World of Keflings you travel back and forth between the different lands of the Kefling world through magic portals called Kingdom Gates. Beyond each gate are new lands with distinct climates and different kinds of Keflings who want you to build them cities. And in each kingdom you’ll build buildings that match the style of that land made from the resources available in that part of the world.”

You know what I just heard when I read all of that: Awweeessoooommmeee! So not only will A World of Keflings give gamers a richer experience, but they have added local multiplayer, a fleshed out avatar emote system, and the ability to push buildings. I’m so glad I don’t have to knock buildings down anymore and move them piece by piece!

Another feature that I’m excited about is that A World of Keflings will be the first game on the Xbox 360 that will allow players to bring in their avatar props and pets into the game itself. I do believe I’ll be bringing in my beloved Gnome Chompsky from Left 4 Dead 2. Oh and did I mention the awesome Pirate Kefling? No? Well I just did, and everybody knows that pirates = win.

Sadly, there is still no official release date or price for this game, and all we know is that it will be coming out this winter. Since winter doesn’t technically start until December 21st, I can’t say for sure that A World of Keflings will be out before the year is over, but I’ll be damned if I won’t be crossing my fingers for it!

Be sure to follow @NinjaBeeGames on Twitter, and check out their official website. Why? Because I said so.

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