A World of Keflings Trailer Released!

Right now, I am seriously about to burst from excitement. You guys (and gals) have no idea how incredibly crazy I am about A Kingdom for Keflings, so it’s only natural that I am already gaga over A World of Keflings and I haven’t even played it yet. Minutes ago, this delicious little email from NinjaBee came in and the contents were GLORIOUS!

In what could only be described as the most epic thing ever, a link was provided to the trailer for A World of Keflings. After watching it, the giddy fangirl inside of me spontaneously combusted into a pile of confetti, and I was left with great sadness as I will not be attending PAX this weekend, where it is playable. Curses.

So behold the amazingness below, and know that A World of Keflings is closer than EVAAARRR!!!!

If you have a Twitter, go now and follow @NinjaBeeGames because if you don’t, I will personally come and find you…

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7 Responses to “A World of Keflings Trailer Released!”

  1. lindsey says:

    I seriously can’t stop watching this!!!!

  2. Steve says:

    Haha, OK, this is the greatest thing I’ve read in a month! Somebody’s going to think we bribed you to write this. :)

    - Steve (a designer at NinjaBee)

    • chris says:

      If everyone is going to assume you bribed us for this, what’s the harm in sending us an early review code once it’s available? :D

      • Steve says:

        Good point! If they’re going to think it anyway, we might as well make it true! :D

        I’m not sure if we’re getting EARLY review codes, but we’ll hand out review codes like candy as soon as we get them (which is usually on or around the day of launch). I’ll ask Andrew to make sure you’re on the list if you’re not already!

  3. Erik says:

    My wife and I absolutely loved K for K. It was great because I loved playing it and she loved watching me play it. I was hoping they’d make a sequel.

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