Direct2Drive Gives Back With Free Games

Nope, there isn’t a catch. Buy games on Direct2Drive. You might get them for free.

Okay, here’s the lowdown. Direct2Drive is doing some really awesome cost saving stuff that will most certainly benefit you. We have several points to hit on this journey of savings. Stay with me. The dogs pull this sled fast. You wouldn’t wish to get left behind.

First up is the Lowest Price Match Guarantee. Starting today and running until midnight on December 31, Direct2Drive will match any price you find on any other reputable retail site. They are also offering store credit for any recent purchase that might be higher in price than what you have found online. So you are assured already that you have the lowest prices possible on the games you do pay for.

So, let’s get to the free stuff. Yeah, free stuff. You know you like that. Again, running from today until December 31 at midnight, you can make a purchase and you will have a 1-in-5 chance of getting what you just bought for the low low retail price of zero dollars. It doesn’t matter how much what you just bought cost. If you win, you get it for free. $500 worth of games? All free. Potentially. So if you’ve wanted to get some games from Direct2Drive, now would be a really good time.

Oh, but wait. We are not done yet. You thought that was all Direct2Drive was doing to save you money? They also have Weekly Publisher Promotions through January of next year. Some of the biggest games out right now will be on sale for 75% off.

So are we good? You got all that? Deals? Discounts? Perhaps a complete lack of payment altogether? Is your appetite whetted enough? I hope so. The holiday season is fast approaching. Just saying. Free games and all.

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One Response to “Direct2Drive Gives Back With Free Games”

  1. Austin says:

    That is awesome!

    I hope Steam throws a good party this year, last years sales SUCKED!

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