Deadpool Script Draft Review

Deadpool is one of my favorite characters in comics. When he’s written by someone who knows how to write him, Deadpool is the most entertaining super-whatever you will ever encounter. His never-shuts-up personality puts Spider-Man to shame, and the fourth wall is just a formality to him. From performing a Shoryuken on Kitty Pryde in order to piss off Wolverine, to acknowledging thought boxes on comic pages, to dance-fighting a villain that can mimic his fighting abilities, Deadpool is a barrel of laughs with a very loosely built moral compass and an unerring talent for pop-culture references. Unfortunately, terrible things were done to him by the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie that made me worry for a very long time about the announced Deadpool spin-off.

Luckily, it looks like those worries are going to be proven unfounded. CinemaBlend got their hands on a script draft for the upcoming Ryan Reynolds Deadpool flick, and they reviewed the crap out of it. Not only was Ryan Reynolds perfectly cast as Deadpool (I can’t think of very many other actors that could pull off the personality of the character in the same way Ryan Reynolds can), but the movie will ignore the terrible character from X-Men Origins: Wolverine while poking fun at just how terrible it was, in true Deadpool form.

From the CinemaBlend review:

The thing is, it’ll only work with Ryan Reynolds. The character of Deadpool is written in his voice, his style, and when you read it, it’s impossible not to hear him talking in your head. It’d never work with anyone else but if Reynolds really steps up and takes on the role, it could be the defining moment of his career. Deadpool could become a pop culture icon; he could be Ryan’s Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s that good.

I absolutely agree, and hope this comes together the way it seems it is. It could end up being one of my favorite movies of all time if it does.

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