Captain America Pictures Make Me Geek The Hell Out

You wanna know what the Captain America costume looks like? You wanna see some high tech Nazi bikes? Yeah you do.

Straight from Comic Book Movie, these shots reveal a lot about the upcoming Marvel movie. First of all, we get our first clear, real life look at what I must guess is the later stage of Captain America’s costume development. Remember, he goes through several in this movie. And no, that isn’t Chris Evans. Its his stunt double.

We also get a guy driving a big ol’ menacing black car. I’m guessing he’s one of the bad guys. Nazis liked driving big black fancy cars. But forget that. Check out those bikes. Evil Nazi bikes? Well, that’s what I first thought. Then you look a little closer and you say holy crap to yourself. That’s a HYDRA symbol on those bikes. HYDRA, if you don’t know, is the super secret terrorist organization that is the bane of SHIELD’s existence. It was started by Nick Fury’s old WWII nemesis Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. So now we have Cap, Red Skull, references to Odin and Asgard, the Cosmic Cube, the freaking Infinity Gauntlet (Or maybe that one’s for Thor. Could be either. Whatever, I’m putting it here for now.) and now HYDRA? This movie needs a title. This isn’t Captain America. This is Marvel Fanwank. And it is good.

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