Xbox LIVE Price Increase

Today, it was the unfortunate responsibility of Major Nelson to announce that Xbox LIVE would be increasing its price, effective November 1, 2010.  Why is this responsibility so unfortunate for Major Nelson?  Because of the Internet.  Yes, Internet, I am looking squarely at you, and you know perfectly well why I am focused on your vile visage.  The Internet is full of selfish assholes with unreasonable senses of entitlement, and they were out in full force when Major Nelson’s announcement hit.

The only affected prices are the ones listed in the chart.  For example, in the U.S., the 12-month rate is increasing by $10, but the U.K. 12-month rate will remain unchanged.

For U.S. Xbox LIVE Gold members, the 12-month increase means that instead of paying $4.17/month for a clean, unified, smooth online and online multiplayer experience, they will be paying $5/month for a clean, unified, smooth online and online multiplayer experience.  Surely that doesn’t seem so terrible, does it?  $0.83 more per month over the course of a year for a system that does away with the chaos of private dedicated server online and online multiplayer?  Surely the Internet will be fine with such a small increase!

Oh, but you fail to understand that the Internet shouldn’t even have to pay for Xbox LIVE in the first place!  This clean, unified, smooth online and online multiplayer experience supported by Microsoft (not Micro$oft) should be provided as a free service to all players.  The sheer audacity of Microsoft attempting to charge players for a useful service (which, by the way, Microsoft does incur some cost for operating) is staggering!  I kid you not, I have seen people on the Internet threaten to sell their Xbox 360′s because of this price increase.  That’s like all of the people who threatened to move to Canada if George W. Bush was re-elected.  How many people said that?  How many people ACTUALLY did it?

Yeah, fuck you Internet.  Shut your damn dirty mouth.

-[insert RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE here]

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4 Responses to “Xbox LIVE Price Increase”

  1. dumbass says:

    “Its a recession bitch” . You have to pay for features that are free anywhere else. Plus companys like EA are trying to charge $10 extra for new games.Then you have other games comming out half finished so you haveta download extra content which also costs more money. Also,everyone with the older xbox’s have a chance to overheat and when you send it back in they only give you a month warrenty,what happends when it overheats 3 months later? You haveta buy a new xbox or pay to get it fixed,which adds to the list of expenses you haveta pay.If you wouldve just gotten a PS3 you wouldnt haveta worry about any of that. So your arguement is only focused on one thing,so its a horrible fail you faggot.

    • chris says:

      I present to the readers: Exhibit A.

      In all seriousness, though, aside from your atrocious grammar, spelling, and general grasp of the English language, your argument is flawed. You say I’m focusing on one thing and that it invalidates my argument, but the topic is only about one thing: Xbox LIVE. This has nothing to do with other companies (when you pluralize a word, you don’t always just add “s” at the end, by the way) trying to charge more for additional services, or with the Xbox hardware. This is about people (like you, it would seem) bitching and moaning about a minimal price increase on a service provided by a business; a service that consolidates multiple online services into one smooth, seamless experience. If you don’t want to pay $60/year for the convenience of Xbox LIVE, then pay $50/year for PlayStation Plus, the PS3′s true Xbox LIVE service equivalent.

  2. Joey Zambrano says:

    Sweet So after i pay the initial $49.99 Microsoft’s gonna let me make 83 cent payments for 12 months. I guess its really not that bad after all :) Sorry for being mad at you Microsoft.

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