The Sims Gets Medieval On Your Ass

If you don’t know what The Sims is, I don’t think I can help you.  In fact, if you’ve never at least heard of The Sims, I would suggest you’re on the wrong website.  You might do better with or But if you do know what The Sims is, and you look forward to new iterations of the game, then by all means, read on.

Electronic Arts announced today that the next installment in the popular person-producing series will be The Sims Medieval. The game promises to bring players robust, compelling gameplay never before seen in the history of The Sims. Players will be able to create heroes, who will then go on adventures, build and rule over a kingdom, and take the game to new heights with intriguing stories full of drama, romance, conflict and comedy.

The Sims Medieval will provide players with a veritable treasure trove of storytelling possibilities.  Fans will be able to control any variety of medieval lifestyles, from Kings and Queens to blacksmiths and bards.  Any number of quests will be available to heroes, from crafting a legendary sword to a trek to find the fabled fountain of youth.

“The Middle Ages is a time of intrigue, legend, and excitement. It offers a perfect backdrop for a brand new series from The Sims studio due to the limitless stories that can be told,” said Scott Evans, General Manager of The Sims Studio at EA. “The Sims Medieval offers a new way for players to experience The Sims which we hope fans will enjoy, and it features gameplay that fans of strategy and role-playing games will find appealing such as controlling an entire kingdom and quest-based gameplay mechanics.”

Everything in The Sims Medieval is set to bring players into an immersive Middle Age world.  Users will be able to control every Hero that wanders into their kingdom, with the ability to tweak their traits and even provide them with a fatal flaw.  The destiny of your kingdom will rest solely in your hands.  Instead of sending your created Hero out on quests in search of fame and glory, you can choose to keep him or her home to help the villagers.  Heal the sick, trade for goods, or forge armor to sell to your fellow villagers.  From becoming a parent to competing in royal tournaments, almost anything will be possible with The Sims Medieval.

The Sims Medieval will joust its way onto PCs and Macs in spring of 2011.  For more info, visit The Official Sims Medieval Website.

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