Naughty Bear Gets New DLC

North America fans of 505 Games Naughty Bear will be excited to hear that today, on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, they can download some nifty free content. Not only will they receive a code update, but they will get the all-new Level 8 episode.

In Level 8, Naughty receives an invitation to attend a cake tasting party where he is, suspiciously, the guest of honor. Players are tasked with helping Naughty get to the real motive behind the invitation and prevent things from getting out of control on the island of Perfection.

Also in Level 8, players will meet the X-Bears, a group of superheroes led by Danger Bear. The residents of Perfection have placed the X-Bears on a pedestal, and it probably doesn’t help that the X-Bears have awesome powers they like to use in battle. Another addition to the game is Bubbles, who is the ultimate fan of Danger Bear. Bubbles has no powers of his own, but he does wear a superhero mask and a Danger Bear hat. Showing his undying support of Danger Bear and the X-Bears, Bubbles weapon of choice is an Uzi that he will use in the fight against Naughty.

Finally, players will gain access to extra in-game content like costumes, hats, weapons, and four new challenges in an “originally themed environment.”

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