Evolution Of Pixar: Monsters & Fish Oh My!

So three highly successful films,one being the rare sequel that tops the original. Surely they must run out steam right?I mean they already resorted to a sequel so maybe they’re out ideas right? Well their next film is about the world of monsters.

They scare children because the scream of a child can be converted into energy to power the monster’s city. Yeah, they haven’t run out of anything. Monsters Inc. gave us the lovable Mike & Sully and the even more lovable child simply named Boo. Again the studio gives us something that is enjoyable for people of all ages, even throwing us adults little bones the kids won’t get (seriously, if Buscemi’s shredder line isn’t a reference to Fargo,then I’ll eat my hat). You also have that little moment between Mike & Sully where their friendship is divided and put to the test in the Yeti’s cave. And who didn’t tear up when Sully said goodbye to Boo? I mean look at her!

The next film they gave us was,at that point,their most mature effort, Finding Nemo starts with tragedy as Marlin looses nearly everything in the beginning. His wife & all but one of his children are destroyed, leaving him as an over protective father (although obviously, not without reason). The film explores many themes of growing up & letting go to self independence. Opening scene & the part where Dory expresses how she functions better due to her friendship with Marlin are prime examples of Pixar’s increasing maturity.

Oh & will you look at that. They still haven’t released a critical or commercial failure.

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