Evolution Of Pixar: Bugs & More Toys

So Pixar made their first movie & made a killing at the box office. Pixar took their success with a grain of salt though & opted not to just get lazy. Their second feature is in my honest opinion, very underrated.

When compared to the other films later released, A Bug’s Life pales in comparison but it is still a fun little movie. Plus you the very awesome Kevin Spacey as the menacing grasshopper (who resembles a locust more really) Hopper.

Now as far as emotional punches,there really aren’t any. That’s part of why I liked A Bug’s Life. For one I don’t have to worry about crying like a little bitch with a skinned knee. A Bug’s Life is just fun & enjoyable. Now Pixar’s next movie is where the emotional punches begin to show.

Sequels have a very shoddy history. They usually suck. This is a fact. Every once in awhile we get something like The Empire Strikes Back but usually we end up with Attack Of The Clones or Phantom Menace . Toy Story 2 decided to go the Empire route ( and hey it has an Empire reference in there as well). Instead of being a half assed effort, TS2 steps up to the plate & is actually on par if not better than the original. It is also where Pixar began to show their grown up side more. When Jessie tells her story of abandonment,it is done in such a beautiful & poignant way,you almost forget what you’re watching is meant to be targeted at children.

This is that wonderful type of story telling where you stop thinking it’s a cartoon.You stop thinking “Oh they’re just toys.” No,at this moment,they’re people & you are invested in their feelings & outcome. The best part? Pixar wasn’t even barely getting started. They had PLENTY more up their sleeves.

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