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More Raffle Goodies Courtesy of The ECA!

Ever since we announced our 2010 Blogathon charity, One Love for Chi, the response has been overwhelming. Not only have you guys been excited, but we have been as well. I promised you guys that I would be working on getting raffle prizes to make this Blogathon extra special, and so far I’ve delivered. Today is no different, and we have our friends at the Entertainment Consumers Association to thank.

The ECA is a non-profit organization dedicated to representing gamers across the United States and Canada. They help bring awareness to important issues that affect our rights as gamers, and they help show the rest of the world that being a gamer is a positive thing. In addition to all of that, members of the ECA get to partake in some great benefits such as discounts for GameFly, ThinkGeek, NewEgg,, Direct2Drive, IGN subscriptions, Astro Gaming gear, NY Comic-Con admission, Prima game guides, Sprint cell plans, Hyatt Hotel room fees, and so much more.

When they found out that we were doing this fundraiser to benefit One Love for Chi, ECA jumped at the chance to help us by donating some raffle prizes, and we can’t say thank you enough for their generosity.

On July 31st, in addition to all of our other fabulous prizes, we now have:

  • Two babydoll tee’s for women in size M & L
  • A great carry-all bag
  • 12-Month Membership Cards to the ECA
  • Awesomely large pens
  • PSP Dock
  • and a Tennis Racquet accessory for the Wii

The babydoll t-shirt is, by far, one of my favorite shirts of all time, and I wear it every chance I get, so whoever wins it will love it.

How can you earn a chance at winning these great prizes and more? It’s simple! Just donate to our charity, email us with the proof, for every full dollar donated you get one entry into the raffle, and you check back on July 31st during the Blogathon to see if you were picked as a winner! For details on the charity, and on donating, click here:

So, thank you again ECA, and please check out their website. It’s filled with great information, subscribe to their daily newsletter with some of the best gaming news out there (aside from what we write about of course!), and while you are there…please sign the gaming petition. Even if you don’t live in the state of California, this upcoming decision will impact the entire country. Fight for your gaming rights, fight for the freedom to choose what your children play, and fight to make video games just as important as books, movies, and other forms of entertainment.

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2 Responses to “More Raffle Goodies Courtesy of The ECA!”

  1. Austin Alan says:

    SWEET!!! I am so happy that you guys are getting a lot of attention.

    I am glad I accidentally found you on myspace(I was looking for people in the Final Fantasy Fanatics) what a way to learn about something LOL

  2. Austin Alan says:

    awww that shirt is a womens :( ( I WANT ONE


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