Joaquin Phoenix - Rapper Extraordinare

On last Friday’s MehCast, I mentioned Joaquin Phoenix’s new career choice. Towards the end of last year he retired from acting, that he is amazing at, and was rumored to start a music career. Some thought it made sense since he did a great job portraying Johnny Cash in “Walk The Line.” It wouldn’t be the first time that an actor has dipped into music… and like any bad informercial - “But wait!!! There’s more!!!”

I recently came across this article on E Online! that gave details on Joaquins musical style - rap. Yes - rap. I wish I was a liar right now but I speak the truth.

Casey Affleck, Ben’s younger and more talented brother, is getting behind the camera to film a documentary on dear ol’ Joaquin and his musical journey. It will go through his recording process, since he plans on releasing a CD, and other stuff. What makes this even better is that he is using the over-hyped Diddy as his mentor and producer.

Want more?

Oh yes my friends… I do believe that the Youtube gods have smiled on us. They have provided us with a wonderful video of a recent performance in Las Vegas. I personally thing Mr. Phoenix has snapped or is on a WICKED combination of drugs. I think he needs professional help immediately before we lose another skilled actor.

I will admit that I did laugh while watching this video because he does look ridiculous (and very well could bring in a Unabomber beard trend), but you can tell there is something sincerely wrong with him. It’s sad, and even though he is serious with his new venture, I hope this is all one huge joke.


- She Who Has The Last Word

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Year 1 Episode 3 Recap

Good afternoon, Meh-nans!  Meh-ple?  Meh-tans?  Meh-nanites?

I don’t know about that last one…

Anyway, last night marked Year 1, Episode 3 of our weekly MehCast!  We ran just a few minutes over an hour, and ended shortly after my cousin’s wife (cousin-in-law?) came over.  We had a fairly good turnout, although it seemed to fluctuate over the course of the broadcast.  All in all, however, I feel it was a good show, and we had a lot of fun.

We discussed my Hello Kitty incident (which can be found in more detail on a recent blog post), as well as a brief Q&A session with a single question, submitted by myself, as a joke.  We discussed Lindsey’s fear of Black Widow spiders, as well as her encounters in the apartment with a few (which can be found in more detail in a post later on today or tomorrow).  Topics of discussion also included the Watchmen movie, the upcoming Cowboy Bebop movie and its casting, and Joaquin Phoenix’s turn to the world of professional rap.  We discussed, briefly, Smallville, Heroes, South Park, a new Star Wars “Force” toy, my beard and t-shirt (which can be found in more detail on an upcoming blog post this weekend or Monday), as well as our planned (but obviously unfulfilled) trip to San Francisco today.

I’m going to spend this week in development of a new aluminum foil hat for Lindsey, at the request of one of our viewers.  I was able to rig one together during the show, but it was of mediocre quality and construction.  Episode 4 will witness the debut of a rather more advanced and sturdy aluminum hat, so be sure to tune in for that, if nothing else!

Year 1, Episode 4 of the weekly MehCast will air next Friday, January 23rd, at 7:00pm PST (GMT -8) on UStream (  Make sure to check it out!

Episode discussion at:

-Because I said so

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Year 1 - Episode 2 Recap

Last Friday, Chris and I had a rather interesting show. For starters we had to cut it at an hour due to us having company come over. Then we experienced tech issues about half way through the show in which we had to cut the feed and restream. Our total live viewer count was 2, but we knew in advance that some of the guys who were there for our first episode wouldn’t be able to make it.

I knew that it would be difficult for us to try and cram in all of our topics in a 60 minute show but I think we did an alright job. We discussed our fantastic neighbors again, our picks from the recent CES show, the upcoming Wolverine and Dragon Ball movies, the horrific cover of Depeche Modes “Personal Jesus” that was ripped to shreds by Hillary Duff, and many other things.

One topic that I would love to talk more about is how I personally feel that Queen should be given their own version of Guitar Hero or Rock Band. They have a large catalog of songs that many people know and many people would have fun singing them or playing the guitar to. Freddie Mercury had an amazing voice and Brian Mays is an exceptional guitar player. Hopefully there can be some downloadable content or a track pack released in the near future.

All in all, the show was really fun and even if we didn’t have that large of a turn out Chris and I still had a lot of fun. That’s what matters, right?

As for tonights show, we are going to make it really count because we felt that an hour is a bit short and we are going out of town tomorrow to San Francisco.  Be sure to tune in and spread the word. We love the live interaction with the chat room.

Episode discussion at:

- She Who Has The Last Word

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Hello Kitty.

I am a man.

By this, not only do I mean to say that I am a man in the genetic, physical sense, but in the socially accepted sense as well.  I like cars.  I like women.  I like barbecue.  I like gadgets.  I like video games.  The list goes on, but I think you get the point.  With all this in mind, allow me to tell you a tale.

A month or so ago, Lindsey and I were out and about town, when we went into a Bank of America so that Lindsey could deposit a check.  As we entered, we saw a large window sign for a Hello Kitty designed bank card.  Lindsey, overcome with excitement and glee, proceeded to the teller counter to inquire about the card.  The teller told her that she could have the card issued at no charge for her personal checking subaccount…

Perhaps I should elaborate somewhat on the nature of her account at this point.  Last year, after I proposed, we decided to add a secondary checking and savings account to Lindsey’s general account at Bank of America.  This secondary account exists in both of our names.  As such, I have a Bank of America card for our joint account, which is under her account.

Where was I?  Ah,  yes; issuing the card.  Lindsey requested her personal checking card to be reissued with the Hello Kitty design, however, it seems that Bank of America got a bit over zealous in issuing cards.  Two days ago, I brought the mail into the house, and noticed three similar envelopes, inside of which I could distinctly discern some type of card.  Two were addressed to Lindsey, and one, surprisingly, to myself.  I proceeded to open mine, and what, you may ask, was waiting within?

My very own Hello Kitty Bank of America bank card.


-Because I said so

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Talking to one’s self out loud…

I talk to myself out loud at times.  I’ll carry an entire conversation with myself.  I’ll talk to video game characters by telling them what to do, or where to go, etc.  I’ll muse over thoughts out loud.  I’m perfectly fine with this habit.  In fact, I enjoy it.

Lindsey thinks I’m mental.

I respectfully disagree.

It may seem strange to some that I talk to myself, but if you think about it, everybody does it to some extent.  While it may not be out loud, the simple process of fretting over what to wear, reasoning out a word problem, or thinking about what you want to say to someone, all begin with a conversation in your mind.  I simply enjoy doing it out loud.  It’s fun; it’s entertaining; it’s a blast.  The most amazing thing is that, at times, if you let it get away from conscious control, you can be very surprised by what you hear yourself saying!

-Because I said so (to myself, out loud)

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Good morning, world!

I’d like to apologize to our readers (if we have any, which I sincerely doubt) for our recent lack of activity.  We started off strong, followed by two weeks with only two posts.  Today marks the beginning of an attempt to change the trend set by the past two weeks of non-activity.  At least once per day, be it from Lindsey or myself, there will be new content posted to the World of Meh.  There may be days where we miss a post, such as this coming Saturday when we will be in San Francisco all day, but an extra post will be made on Friday or Sunday to make up for the missing day’s minimum.  Hopefully with this consistency set in place, our reader base can grow into a community of people around the world who have nothing to say, but somewhere to say it.

-Because I said so

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Screw you guys, I’m going home.

Metallica came to town on December 13th to play a show with Lamb of God.  The weeks leading up to the concert bombarded Fresno area radio listeners with a plethora (do you even know what a plethora is?!) of advertisements and promos for the upcoming show.  Of these many varied promos, one particular promo shone more brightly than all the rest.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to retrieve a copy of the promo from the radio station it was played on.  A brief description of the promo is all I can manage.

The guys from Metallica got together once to record a generic promo for use in multiple markets, leaving the gaps to be filled in by local station voices, rather than record full promos for each major city they planned to visit on their tour.

Lars:  ”You guys know that any time we plan a tour, the top of our list is….”


James: “And we’d never miss playing a show in our home away from home…”


Surely, they must have been late to their day jobs, and couldn’t afford the time and effort it would have taken to record city names as well.  What’s that?  They don’t have separate day jobs?  Well, perhaps they were en route to a charity show for cancer kids.  No cancer kids, either?  Well, I’m sure there must have been something more pressing than their fans.  You know; the people who made them what they are.

I hate you guys.

-Because I said so

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Oh the Irony….

This past Sunday, Chris and I attended the first Bridal Show of the year. Our main reasons for attending them are to find vendors and to try and win free stuff. Plus, all the cake and food samples are fantastic. When you get there they ask you to go and register for the big prizes they draw for at the end of each fashion show and also for individual drawings at the vendor booths. Sometimes the vendors have their own raffles at their booths as well. Chris and I start off going through each row, checking to see if they are giving away anything, checking to see if they are giving anything cool for free, and then checking to see if they are a food vendor because we love the snackies.

One of the booths that was there was a Mary Kay booth. I’m a Consultant with Mary Kay so obviously I didn’t enter the raffle they had going on. We did stop by to say hello to the girls since we knew them and kept going on our way. The first fashion show started around 11, and since there was going to be another one at 2:30, we caught the end of it to see if we were picked for the big prizes. Some of the stuff they gave away was nice. Diamond earrings, a thousand dollar gift certificate to get your invitations, and a wedding planner. I didn’t win any of that, but then again I never do, so we got up and started to walk around again. We didn’t get through all of the booths so we picked up where we left off.

After the fashion shows is when they pull names for the vendor prizes so after we checked out the other booths we made a second round. You’d be surprised how fast we can move when checking for free stuff. We made it through the entire Convention Center and didn’t see our names on one thing. By then it was about time for the second fashion show so we decided to see more of this one to get ideas for the tuxes and bridesmaids gowns.

They really aren’t that exciting to be honest. The female models came walking out like they couldn’t care less, the male models always have to show off like they are God’s gift to women, and the kid models are so shell shocked from all of the lights that they sometimes don’t want to come out. Once the torture was over they started the second drawing. This time it was for a free tux for the groom to keep that would be tailored to him with a certificate for bridal dress preservation, a bridal gown worth $1,000, 28 bottles of personalized wine that you help make, and a free rehearsal dinner. Needless to say we didn’t win any of that stuff either. The girl who was picked to win the dress sounded like she could give a shit. Just in case I would have won, I put my Sidekick in Chris’s lap instead of having it in my hand so that I wouldn’t accidentally throw it or drop it in a stupor.

Then we started our second round to see if we were pulled. We had went through almost all of them before stopping at the Mary Kay booth. When we got there, the ladies asked if I had won anything. Chris and I mumbled out “no.” It was apparent that we were pretty bummed because we could have really used some of that stuff. Then Chris had to be a smart ass and say, “Watch you win at the Mary Kay booth and nowhere else.” We did get a laugh about it, but at the same time we knew that if it happened we wouldn’t really find it all that funny.

Just before we were going to go to another booth and check out their raffle this lady who worked for the show came walking by with the winner for the Mary Kay booth. Of course, guess whose name was on it? MINE! I don’t remember if I laughed or not but everybody else did. My Director told the woman that I can’t win the prize because I work for the company so she said that she was going to check and see if I could be switched for something else at another booth since she still had many more names to hand out.

Instead of waiting there, Chris and I checked out the rest of the booths and then came back. I asked if they would allow the switch and they wouldn’t. What assholes! We weren’t asking for anything major. What good am I going to do with gift cards? I get 50% off everything and since I sell it, I can’t use the gift cards. They are pieces of plastic to me. The girls felt bad so they still gave me the gift cards to use at later appointments or for my clients and were so kind to throw in $20 bucks. The $20 bucks cheered me up but of all the booths to win at, it just had to happen there.

Once we left the Bridal Show and walked back to the car, Chris brought up how we should get a treat so we went to Starbucks and got our drinks. Two Venti Passion Iced Teas with 6 pumps of Raspberry syrup, and the Sunday paper.

This Sunday is another show and there will be another Mary Kay booth there but we aren’t going to it. I can escape the clutches of irony! You won’t get me this Sunday you cruel, cruel bastard!

It’s OK though because there will be more in August so I will have more chances to get disappointed and screwed over. Yay for the Universe!

- She Who Has The Last Word

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The Great Crow Debate

The Crow was an amazing movie. This would also be the last role for Brandon Lee. Unlike most other comic book movies this one stayed true to it’s original form. It was dark and gritty, the soundtrack was fantastic, and it really sucked the viewer into it’s world. I remember seeing it the second day it came out in theatres. I was in 7th grade at the time and I was in awe throughout the entire film, until the end when I was in “awww.” The final scenes with Eric at Shelly’s grave completely destroyed me. Not only did I cry in my seat, bawling like a baby with my Mom laughing at me since she was sitting right next to me, but I cried throughout the entire lobby, through the parking lot, and during the entire ride back home. I was so deeply scarred by that movie that I would continue to cry even during later viewings of the movie.

The Crow has always been one of my favorite movies and it will probably remain one of them. I even made the stupid mistake of watching the sequels, abominations though they were. I will admit that the second one wasn’t as bad as part three, but it paled in comparison to the original.

On New Years Day, Chris and I had people over for brunch. One of our guests was a friend named Amanda. I can’t remember how we got on the topic of The Crow but I believe it got started when Amanda saw the movie on our shelf. A remark was made on how she recently saw the movie and I started waving my fangirl flag in shock that it had taken her this long to see it. Nothing could have prepared me for what I heard next. “I saw the second one a long time ago and I liked it better,” she said.

Amanda had seen the sequel years before seeing the original and for some reason, unknown to me and the rest of the world, she liked it better. She thought it was fucking fantastic compared to the first. I thought I had lost my damn mind hearing that statement. Chris and I proceeded to ask her as to why she felt that way. Her reasons were because of the plot and because she thought the main actor was better. I even recall her telling me that she thought Vincent Perez was hot and sexy. I guess that validates her reasons…NOT. Brandon Lee was hot and sexy!

I personally thought the plot in the sequel was ass, and Vincent Perez came nowhere close to Brandon Lee. The only cool parts in City of Angels were the little red angel wing tattoos on Mia Kirshners back, Iggy Pop, Thuy Trang who was the original Yellow Ranger, and the appearance of Deftones in the Dia De Los Muertos parade.

The soundtrack didn’t have nearly as many good songs, with a prime example being that Hole was included, and the villain wasn’t even scary. In fact, I don’t even remember the villain. That’s how ass this movie was and still is.

I adore Amanda, I really do, but after hearing that blasphemy in my apartment I didn’t want to give her any of my tasty bacon I had finished cooking. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. How could somebody who has even minimal intelligence prefer anything but the original?

This my friends shall be one of those great questions in life that shall forever be unanswered, along with why people prefer creamy over chunky when selecting peanut butter.

- She Who Has The Last Word

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Depeche Mode Disaster

Over the past few months, Lindsey and I have visited four bridal shows.  For those who haven’t attended a bridal show before, they are extremely useful if you are planning your own wedding.  As you walk around, you make contacts with a variety of vendors for a variety of services.  There are also many, many prizes and gifts to be won.  A few of these prizes are awarded by the show host during a bridal fashion show.  However, to win, you must be present to hear your name called out.  With this in mind, allow me to tell you a story that, if you enjoy Depeche Mode, will deeply upset you as it has deeply upset us.

As we sit in this large convention center room near the tail end of the bridal fashion show, I begin to hear the introductory beats of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus”.  ”Finally,” I exclaim internally, “some music I can really enjoy!”  Alas, it was not to be.  Where I expected to hear Dave Gahan’s dulcet tones informing me of my own Personal Jesus, I was instead exposed to Hilary Duff’s wail.  Imagine my distress and anguish!  To top it off, where she did attempt to follow Dave’s lyrics, she failed miserably!  For example, while Dave entreats the listener to “Reach out and touch faith”, Hilary requests something altogether more risque with her posed question of “Reach out and touch me.”

Dave Gahan must be rolling in his grave.

What?  Oh.  I must have been thinking about Michael Hutchence.  Well, after what the rest of INXS did with VH1 and that reality contest show to replace him, I’m sure Michael is rolling in his grave anyway.

For all of you masochists out there, here’s a link to Project Playlist with the search string set.


-Because I said so

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