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Purple Rain

1984 was the year of Big Brother, the Apple Macintosh, the “Crack Epidemic“, and Purple Rain.  Purple Rain, the title track to Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack to Prince’s Purple Rain movie (whoa, recursive Purple Rain achieved), is considered by many to be one of Prince’s defining songs.  The single release has been certified Gold, and the soundtrack album has been certified 13x Platinum.  Truly, this song was a great success for Prince.

Well, fuck Purple Rain.  Half of the song is Prince singing “Purple rain…puuurple rain.”  OVER.  AND.  OVER.  I understand that it is a soundtrack song, and that perhaps him repeating “Purple Rain” so much that I want to kick myself in the crotch actually makes sense in the context of the movie’s scenes where it plays, but I just don’t care.  I.  Hate.  Purple.  Rain.

I was talking to Lindsey about my distaste for Purple Rain last week, and to express my point, I did a fairly unflattering cover of the chorus for her.  She recommended I record it.  Here’s me doing a crappy song:

Apologies to those who are offended by my contempt of Purple Rain.


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3 Responses to “Purple Rain”

  1. Austin Alan says:

    ROFL you hate it??

    I dated a girl for several years, and this, THIS, was her favorite movie, ISwearToGod I hate this shit film more than anything I can think of……something makes me wonder if somewhere there was a game based on Purple Rain

    Fuck this, I am just fine with Chocolate Rain

    • chris says:

      I love Darling Nikki (even though I think the Foo Fighters cover is far superior), but I just think Purple Rain is the most stupid song in the world.

  2. Blackdeath10199 says:

    Life is a purple rain


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