Two Worlds 2: The Musical?

Really?  Evil “Lords of Destruction” gettin’ all Emo, dancing and prancing around while some guy with a mullet plays an inspirational melody on a synthesiser, like some lost Eighties talent? Yeah, I love it too!

In a recent press release from SouthPeak, I was presented with some extremely humorous content they have posted on You Tube. These Live-Action shorts depict the intimate details of Sordahon’s Journey, and how he feels about his lot! 

To quote the PR :
“In this 5th of Sordahon’s Journey, Sordahon is channeling his emotional trauma after being completely F’ing curb-stomped by his boss Gandohar into creative outlets as mandated by his psychiatrist and the States of California and Maryland and enlists a dude with some serious mulletude and a piano key necktie to put his anguish into SONG and DANCE!”



I think this is a great way to promote Two Worlds II, but they didn’t stop there!  If you navigate over to their new website you can find a section devoted to “Ask Sordahon”. If you have ever wanted to ask a Servant of Darkness anything, this is your chance! Post any questions you can think of, and Sordahon will post answers on the site. Be careful as to what you inquire however, he, like any celebrity, just doesn’t want to discuss certain things(like his mother).


<if you didn’t like it, he will make you>

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