Red Dead Redemption Updates

I must first apologise to all you loyal readers waiting for Red Dead Redemption news. I have kind of been slacking. Well, slack no more! I’ve got all the screenshots and updates you need to satisfy your Red Dead Redemption hunger!

First up, take a look at Monday’s screenshots. Featuring a mob of undead in a forest, Abigail Marston as a zombie, and so much more - this DLC pack is definitely looking nightmarish!

Poor Abigail Marston! Well, next up we have the hunting and trading outfit packs, available October 12. The pack is going to be available free of charge. It will feature two new outfits, complete with associated perks.

The Savvy merchant is the first outfit pack. When you equip this outfit, you will have the ability to purchase guns and ammunition for half price.

You also will have the ability to equip the expert hunter outfit. Doing so will grant you double the skins and hides from hunting!

In addition to the outfits, the pack will feature a new animal - the jackalope!

In addition to the Hunting and Trading outfit pack, we also have new screenshots from the Undead Nightmare downloadable content. Literally released less than three hours ago, here are six new screenshots!

Be sure to check back soon for more updates on the Undead Nightmare DLC pack for Red Dead Redemption. Also, if you missed out, check out part one, two and three of the screenshot packs release last week!

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