Weeds “Bliss” Review

I’ve been away. There’s been three episodes of Weeds that have aired during that little hiatus. This is the second of those three episodes to bring us back to pace to where we are in the highly enjoyable season 6.

If anyone can make the best out of a bad situation, it is Nancy Botwin. She’s persevered throughout the six seasons of Weeds and she’s doing it again, albeit at a price. First, let’s take a look at her family around her.

Shane is, well, I don’t know exactly. He’s hanging out with exercise moms in the park, stealing walkers, being all motherly. I’m not sure if its because he feels like he has to look out for the family, if it means he’s the only ounce of innocence left in the Botwin family (which would mean he killed Pillar to save everyone), or its just that the writers don’t know exactly what they want to do with Shane. Both Andy and Silas are genuinely happy, the former now the hotel’s Sous Chef and the latter finding out the wonders of college life with a girl he hooks up with.

But come on, you know this won’t last forever. Nancy immediately starts to rain on the parade as she jeopardize Andy’s job by having him steal vegetable oil to sell in exchange for weed. From a logical stand point, there’s no reason why she needs to do it. Andy presumably now has a good job making good money, no reason to continue selling drugs to hotel guests, right? But this is Nancy Botwin, and for all the good she does, there will always be a dark rain cloud over her head and she will always bring down those near to her, as shown by the episode’s ending where the Botwins already start to get back into trouble.

Which brings me to Doug, now en route up north with Cesar and Ingacio in order to track Nancy down. His purpose in the season is now pretty clear: a way for Esteban to find Nancy while adding some pretty enjoyable humor. Doug always has the most quotable lines in the episodes he is, which makes me quite glad they brought Kevin Nealon back.

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