Steam Freebies for Extra Life

I was looking through my gifted games on Steam, and found many that had not been redeemed.  So I figured I would offer them up to people who actually want them! Free games!!

Now, the way this is going to work is…..hmmmmm…. ya know? 

I don’t think I thought that far…

I suppose I shall do some quickie blurbs about the games up for grabs while I think of a way to do this.


First up, I have two copies of Zombie Bowl-O-Rama!  This game is so much fun!!  It is a standard arcade bowling game.  The object is to bowl the zombies back to the crater they crawled from using any and all power ups you can collect in the process.  Some make your ball explode(that didn’t sound right), some turn your opponents ball into a worthless head of cabbage.  Some make the alley as narrow as the ball, others can cover it in ice!  The game is a blast to play, first two to….uhhhh ….I guess I don’t know quite yet what I am gonna do…ON TO THE NEXT GAME!!


I have ONE copy of the Indie Puzzle Pack!  There are four games in the set: Chains, Gumboy-Crazy Adventures, Obulis, and Vigil:Blood Bitterness.

Chains:This is a sort of Tetris style game where you draw lines to connect the spheres into “Chains” to make them break.  The levels have different puzzle challenges, and the spheres are controlled by real-time physics.  Totally a game you will lose time to. ^_^

Gumboy-Crazy Adventures: I don’t rightly know how to explain this one…  It is a side-scroller/action/puzzler/weird indie kind of game.  Make use of physics, and your morphing properties to solve puzzles……  Just watch the video

Obulis: Quite possibly the BEST title in this package!  Completely physics driven game-play centered around kinetic properties and gravity.  The object is simple, get the right colored ball into the matching colored cup.  Sound’s easy?  Just wait, you might go bald over this game. :)

Vigil:Blood Bitterness: I don’t know a lot about this game, I keep meaning to play it but I am easily distracted.  This is a “Point & Click” adventure(think Myst, Lighthouse, D, Etc).  The game uses an original art style, mostly in black and white.  I don’t know much about the story, so I won’t bother repeating what is right there on the store page.

So if this is something that interests you, all you have to do iiiisssssss…….uhhhhh no wait… that isn’t very exciting…hmmmm…moving along….


The last title up for grabs is the Overlord Complete Pack!(yeah I know, I’m too kind )

This(ese) game(s) is/are Awesome/Addictive!  You play as the resurrected Lord of Evil, spawning minions and rebuilding your gloriously evil empire >:)  Minions come in a variety of colors, each with it’s own strengths and weaknesses.  Use them to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and pillage the innocent civilians!  Yes, a game where you can be as truly evil as you want to be!  And in this pack, you get BOTH Overlord titles AND the Raising Hell expansion pack for the first game!  So you can be extra EVIL >:)


Ok ok ok, I think I get how I am going to do this!  Lindsey and Chris are doing a fund raiser for Extra Life where they will be playing video games for a solid 24 HOURS! (I know, TORTURE right??)  So why not give you guys some games for participating?  Sounded good to me too! :)

So I think this so going to be a kind of deal, just like the Blogathon contest.  Follow the links provided in the Extra Life article, make a donation, and then email me a screenshot of the receipt([email protected]).  That counts as a raffle ticket. No money to donate?  Add me on Steam, and email me to let me know your gamer tag(so I know who you are :) ) Or join the team and help out(details in the article), mention this to Lindsey so she can tell me who to add.  If you are so inclined, feel free to make a You Tube video, and post it to your channel, that counts as two tickets, send me a link with the proper info)

I don’t want to make it too complicated :D   So that’s it!

Contest ends October 17, after Lindsey and Chris are done playing.  Each ticket will represent a number chosen at random for your name, then I will put all the numbers into, and pull out the four winners!  All prizes will be distributed digitally, either through Steam’s client, or an email that will require you to create a Steam account.

Good Luck to everyone ^_^

<if you are one of the ones who didn’t redeem your game, it’s been a year, and now it is going to the greater good >

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5 Responses to “Steam Freebies for Extra Life”

  1. allen says:

    thats so cool of you buddy. and yea if those people dont care enough about free gifts then give them way. =D

    • Austin Alan says:

      do what you can, if you don’t have these games already ^_^

      if you do, …..then either help or sacrifice your first born child….yeah, that seems equivalent

  2. E. Lynn says:

    That’s awesome! What’s the video have to be about and how long does it need to be? I added you to steam already. Does that count?

  3. Austin Alan says:

    Erin, the video would have to be about the Extra Life event, and mention WoM somewhere in it. It has to be at least long enoug to be a legit attempt(id be offended if someone made a 5 second video)

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