Get Sweet Mega Man Ringtones on Your iPhone

I love my iPhone. I love the fact that I have a jailbroken iPhone. Why? Because I can get super sweet ringtones like the ones I’m about to tell you about. Maybe it’s because I’m female, but I love having various ringtones on my phone. Currently I have the theme song to Invader Zim as my main one, but I also have Mambo de Chocobo from Final Fantasy V, the theme to the classic X-Men cartoon, and other various gems, however nothing compares to the deliciousness I stumbled upon the other day in Cydia.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, chances are you are familiar with Cydia. It’s what I get my different themes from, the different icons I use, and almost all of my free ringtones come from Cydia. The other day I was perusing for some new additions to my ever-growing catalog, when all of a sudden I saw a listing for Mega Man soundtracks for games 1-7. Immediately I downloaded the one for Mega Man 4 (since it was my favorite for the NES), and I was astonished when I looked in the ‘Sounds’ section of my iPhone.

Included was a ringtone for every single section of Mega Man 4: beating a boss, beating the final boss, the boss select screen, Bright Man, the Dr. Cossack stages and castle, credits, Dive Man, Drill Man, Dust Man, the ending, the final boss music, when it’s game over, getting an adapter, getting a weapon, the intro to the game, when you’re entering your passwords, Pharaoh Man, Ring Man, Skull Man, Toad Man, and finally Dr. Wily’s stages and castle.

When I listened to each one, I was immediately taken back to when I was a little girl (because the game came out when I was only 9), and how I remember having all of the passwords written inside various pages of the game manual. It was glorious.

So, if you have an iPhone, and if you have it jailbroken with access to Cydia, go now and download these amazing ringtones! Every gamer should have these on their phone. No excuses.

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