Worms™ Reloaded Review

The wait is over!  Worms fans will rejoice, new fans will enjoy.My first article ever written for World of Meh was to tell all you fine folks about the release of Worms™ Reloaded. I know you’ve all been following along as I brought you closer and closer to W-Day. Well, that day has finally come and gone. And now it is time for my first ever video game review.

It occurs to me that there may be quite a few of you out there who have never heard of Worms™. It’s equally as likely that those of you who are familiar with the title are only familiar with some of their 3D variants.  Worms™ Reloaded is, for fans of the series such as myself, a true return to form for the series.  Taking it back to it’s 1995 roots which are planted deep in the history of 2D PC warfare.

Worms™ Reloaded features an aresenal of over 40 weapons; including fan favorites like the Sheep and Monty Python homage the Holy Hand Grenade, as well as new classics like the Concrete Donkey and the Buffalo of Lies.  The possiblities of dispatching your enemies are nigh endless.  I have not yet had the pleasure of trying out the Buffalo of Lies, but the Concrete Donkey is pretty interesting.  You drop it anywhere on the terrain and it just keeps bouncing on Worms heads until it pushes its way completely through the map.

Speaking of terrain, the game features a fully functioning landscape editor which promises to be hours of creative fun.  Build tunnels, place mines, and adjust the water level all to suit your fancy.

Customization is key in Worms™ Reloaded. Each team consists of four Worms, and each Worm can be personalized in a countless number of ways. You can set one of almost 70 different speech settings, determining what your Worms will say when they kill, or when they get killed.  From my personal favorite “Soul Man” to options like “L33t” and “Surfer Babe,” your Worms will never be at a loss for words.

With over 30 different hats, 8 different victory dances, and more than 10 different gravestones, players can be all but assured that no two teams of Worms will be exactly alike.  Naming your team and each individual Worm is the beginning of the customizable fun.  There are even more options available as you play through the game.  Completion of  training and campaign missions earns you credits which can be spent at the in-game shop.  Hats, gravestones, campaign missions and even weapons can be purchased here, making players acomplishments through the single-player game much more rewarding.  Throw in 12 achievements at launch and the product is a solid single-player experience.

The one drawback to the single-player campaign is the repetition.  After 9 missions I found myself saying “Ok, here we go again.”  Team17 has thrown in Bonus Missions to help break up the monotony.  Using a limited arsenal, and a specific set of win conditions, players must complete challenges in order to finish these bonus missions.  One example had me using the jet pack to navigate a maze in a certain amount of time.  While another forced me to kill two Worms with one Worm.  My one Worm couldn’t move and only had 1 hit point.  It forces players to think critically and not just fire blindly with their bazookas.

As with any previous 2d Worms™ title, the heart of the game lies in it’s multiplayer.  Players can choose either a local match on one PC, or a Network Match on Steam.  Of the 6 network matches I’ve played so far, I’ve lost five.  But I never had a bad time playing.  Sometimes it can be frustrating to see all your Worms lined up, execution style, in front of your opponents uzi.  The comedic aspect; found in the voices, dances, and reactions of the Worms makes for a light -hearted atmosphere, melting away any anger you may feel seeing your precious Worm go flying into the drink after a well-placed baseball bat strike. Leaderboards are featured, with 10 different categories to showcase players’ talents.  From “Kill Kings” to “Worms Heroes” there’s something for everyone to show off to their mothers at the end of the day.

All in all, it’s my opinion that fans of the series will be very happy with the return to the 2D format.  People who have never heard of Worms™ will be treated to a strong first-time experience.  I fully expect Worms™ Reloaded to, once again, become one of the great party games of all time.  The under $20 price of admission makes it even more desirable. Worms™ Reloaded , and the free demo, is available through Steam by clicking here.

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