The Best Free To Play MMO RPG Gets an Update’s MMORPG, Asda Story, got a major update August 17. Introducing, Chapter 3: The Demon’s Shadow. New jobs, items, and an awesome new boss! and MaxOn have a history of making some of the best high quality, free to play online games. For anyone that hasn’t played the game before, Asda Story has a unique Soul Mate feature that connects your character to another players. That way if one person is online and gains experience points, the other person does as well. Even if they’re logged off. It’s a perfect game for gamers who have friends in other countries or if you like playing games with your significant other. The game first launched two years ago and has since been successful. Readers will be pleased to hear that an update has been released titled, Chapter 3: The Demon’s Shadow. Uyen Uyen Ton Nu of had this to say:

“Chapter 3: The Demon’s Shadow is the biggest Asda Story update since launch, and it brings a whole new dimension to the game with all of its new features and updates which will add tremendously to the overall game play experience. We will continue to polish the player experience which will greatly increase the fun factor for the Asda Story community.”

The update includes many new changes and features to Asda Story. The first change in the update is the new 4th job transfer. It opens up after your character reaches level 60. The new jobs that you can take on are: Warlord, Tempest and Arcane Lord. Each jobs also includes 23 new skills! To help you reach level 60, 40 new quests have been introduced. All are repeatable and they can help you get one of the 25 new titles.

Two new systems where also introduced in the update and both can be very helpful to players. A crafting system is the first, allowing players to create their own armor at various levels (10, 30, 50, and 70). The second is a fishing system that has been introduced in three locations. Fammio, Flabis, and Fireway Forest. Fishing will also include books and special rewards.

The Faction War part of the game has also benefitted from the update. Instead of the war being focused in one area, it has been dispersed among all the towns in the game. Sound like a bad thing? It’s not. It has some very generous advantages. If you are part of the faction with the highest amount of wins during that week in a town, you will receive discounts, control taxes, and, basically, own the town. As if that wasn’t enough, if your clan is MVP, your crest will show up everywhere in the town and all members of the clan will receive another special discount.

Saving the best for last, a new boss has been added into the game. Do you think you have what it takes to take on the Grim Reaper? Now’s your chance to prove yourself. If you’re already part of Asda Story, log in and get to it. If you aren’t, make an account and join it! It’s free!

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